I’m a Celeb – a grotesque display of animal abuse.

Whoever came up with the concept of I’m a celebrity? Can you imagine the board meeting? I know! How about we put some celebs in a jungle, starve them, make them fight each other, and then throw copious amounts of animals and insects at them? It will be hilarious!

The thing is, the celebs know what they are getting into. They understand the conditions that they will face. The poor animals thrown into the challenges don’t have a choice though. They are there against their will. They don’t have a voice to say, ‘eff you, tv producers! We are not your entertainment.’

I’ve never been a fan of Im a celeb, but my Mum occasionally watches it, though it’s got too much for her to stomach lately. I was horrified to see the live creatures being thrown, crushed, and most likely killed as they were smashed into the floor at high velocity.

You might think, oh, who cares about grubs & cockroaches?

Well number 1: They still don’t deserve to suffer. They didn’t ask to be born as cockroaches
& insects and be subjected to abuse. Often they are trapped in little boxes with no escape, which must be terrifying for them to have no way out.

Number 2: I’m a Celeb has also used lizards, rats, frogs, and many more animals in their sick games: some people may not care for what they class as vermin, reptiles, or insects but they are still living beings. You wouldn’t want to see a cat or a dog treated this way, so if you have a moral stance on that, you can’t thereby say that it’s okay for reptiles or insects because they aren’t cute and attractive to you.

A moral stance shouldn’t be based on how appealing the animal is to you aesthetically.

No animal should be used for entertainment this way and if Ant and Dec find it all so hilarious as they slap their sides and wet their pants, why don’t they step in for the animals and see what it feels like?

I’m a Celebrity is a horrible show. Perhaps some people like to see celebrities suffer and earn their stripes. Others might like to see triumph over adversity, but let’s please leave the animals out of it and stop this barbaric cruelty that I’m a celeb relies on to degrade and dehumanize celebrities.

If you agree, please take a moment to sign the petition at Change https://chng.it/TzF7xBvRmc

Animals don’t have a voice and need our kindness. If we all take a moment out of our day we can create positive change and make a difference.

Kaz B

Kaz B

Writer, podcaster, creator

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