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Time heals is an anthology of both dark, and uplifting poems.

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 Time Heals

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Sordid Secrets by Kaz B is now available at the link below at the bottom of this page and also  via Amazon and Kindle

A tale of lust, lies, deceit and betrayal. Amy has tired of her stale relationship and seeks excitement. She finds herself compelled to attend a secret venue where sins of the flesh are lustily indulged.

Amy crosses paths with the enchanting Lady Athena, who draws her into a world of sinfully sweet depravity.

What happens though when your deepest fantasies are realised and your darkest secrets start to become unravelled.

This steamy read will certainly have you hot under the collar  – read with a nice glass of wine and treat yourself to nothing less than sheer indulgence!

“Kaz is a really talented writer, she has structured the format to hit every major emotion and take the reader on a journey like its a Bach symphony.” Red Roxy Studios

“What a book –  steamy from start to finish” Owner Of The Daily Sport

“Mistress Kaz debut book is an emotional roller coaster packed with excitement” London Book Review.

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