What’s Your Biggest Fear?

This blog post is inspired by an interview I recently did for Redemption TV and it got me thinking about what my biggest fear is. I’m not talking about the everyday fears we have such as Death, accidents or a salesman turning up at the door, I mean those deeply unsettling, yet irrational fears.

I’m not scared of spiders or bothered by bats, I don’t fear flying, sickness or rats. I would say I’m a rational person and can logically talk myself and sometimes others through such occasions, so why do I have an irrational fear of monsters and things that goes bump in the night? I’ve made it this far through life without some whiny, evil entity appearing from the shadows and devouring me whole. If they existed and wanted my soul they would have come for it already.

So why is it, when there is a power cut or I accidentally pull the lead out of my lamp and I am cloaked in complete darkness, that my heart leaps from my chest, my skin prickles and a sense of panic arises? I scramble frantically for a moment, the only thought on my mind creating a light source as I wrestle with the lead or fumble around in a flurry of mayhem seeking out my torch. I’m guessing it’s a fear of the unknown and its roots are evolutionary.

For example, back before we lived in civilised communities or had access to electricity it would have been dangerous to roam around in the blackness of night. One might have fallen over a ravine, into a ditch, gotten eaten by a wild animal, injured, or been attacked by a bandit. Our ancestors would have most likely nestled down for the night and done their best not to wander far from the nest! Perhaps genetic memory plays a role in some of our fears and phobias because it’s kept us alive for hundreds of thousands of years.

Besides, my sleepy night walking activities have been a little inconvenient in the past. One night, while staying in an apartment with friends, I popped out of the room to visit the ladies’ room, only to realise I’d exited the apartment and was standing outside in the hallway. Quite a lot of banging was involved until I alerted one of my friends, who was puzzled to see me outside the apartment in a robe in the middle of the night. At least, I think I was wearing a robe.

Logically, I know monsters don’t exist. It’s piffle, nonsense, poppycock! Just to be sure I’m keeping my little nightlight nearby because these are the rules:

Image by Laser Dragon Art

•Monsters can’t get you when the light is on. Why? Because they love to surprise and it takes the fun out of it for them. Obviously.

•Monsters can’t get you under the covers either. They are repelled by duvets and blankets.

•Monsters can’t get you while you are cuddling a pet (sorry Princess Scrabby!)

•They also can’t get you if you tell them to eff off. Presumably, underneath the hideous countenance, they are quite sensitive souls who are triggered by rejection and will slope off to terrorize the next poor soul.

If you ever find yourself in this scenario and all of my previously successful methods fail, I suggest you outdo the monster by becoming the monster! Raise your arms high and growl menacingly until they scarper. Monsters are bullies and bullies are just cowards. They won’t bother you again.

So you can see how my fear is irrational, yet I’ve still designed a way to deal with it should the occasion ever arise. That’s the power of irrational fears, they make you try to make logical sense out of the illogical!

Do you have a fear or phobia? Have you always had it or did it start after an incident or event? I would love to hear your stories and thoughts, feel free to share!

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