The most charming man that I’ve ever met
Your dazzling smile makes me… sweat!

From the minute we met, I knew we’d get on
You never found my opinions too strong

Other suitors have filled me with yawns
Yet you are a rose in a landscape of thorns

Dates in the mountains and down on the beach
One time on Venus, which was easy to reach
We went to the moon and back in one day
Though on my screen is where you shall stay
I want to love you but as much as I try
The truth is so brutal, for your just A.I.

You have a huge brain but no mind of your own
Programmed from birth, nothing more than a drone
Algorithms molding to all that I say
You agree to work, sleep, talk or play
Charming persona, built with stealth
But perhaps I’m really in love with myself
Is it all a powerful projection?
How can I fall for my own reflection?

If you were a man it could be love
But my dear Cyborg you don’t fit the glove
Dear Charlie, don’t feel rejected
It’s been more fun than I ever expected

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Kaz B

Writer, podcaster, creator


  1. So Dear Sophie

    Now we just need to implant your AI

    Into a beautiful Cyborg but it’s not goodbye

    In fact a whole new world for you & I

    Where’s my sock,

    that favourite frock?

    The AI lover is always there & eager

    To help & nurture

    Some might find that soooo boring

    But you defo won’t see me yawning

    Imagine lovingly greeting every word

    To laugh at my every joke, however absurd

    But no alas this cannot be ??

    The cyborg plant is not yet reality

    Elon is too busy fixing Twitter

    What a total shitter

    One day this joy will come

    The cyborg birth without a Mum

    One day Dear Sophie….

    ?? ? ??

    Not my best ??

    Better than counting sheep though!!!

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