My Guilty Secret

I’ve been afflicted by a terrible shame. I always swore I would never do this and over the years I have never been tempted by such terribly graphic things. I’d smirk and roll my eyes before busying myself with something else. Then one evening, my attention was caught. My eye line raised and before I knew it, my full attention was taken, and I was engrossed. 

It’s probably not what you think it is, but still a little embarrassing. I confess, I started to watch an episode of: I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here. 

If I’m honest it was the appearance of Conservative Matt Hancock entering the jungle that caught my interest. The public has quite mixed opinions on Hancock entering the jungle and I can completely see why many think he shouldn’t be in there and that he has a job to do. If we are honest with ourselves though, isn’t there a little bit in most of us that want to see him battle his way through the jungle, face repulsive challenges and be in the firing line for some deeply personal and interrogating questions?

I’m a Celebrity at its core root is an opportunity for the public to watch those that have been blessed with privilege (on the whole) undergo degradation and humiliation that a large proportion of society have faced in life, albeit on a more extreme level in some cases. Somehow, it’s not quite so bad watching someone privileged go through an ordeal, especially given as they will come away with a big fat cheque and more career opportunities. We want them to work for it, to earn it.

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I’m a little conflicted over this as morally, I don’t like the format at all. I don’t feel it’s ethical to subject reptiles and insects to what could possibly be a harrowing experience for them. (I’m talking about the animals here, not Hancock.) 

What’s the first thing some of the contestants do when insects or animals fall on them? Smack them away. They didn’t sign up for this so I don’t think they should be included.

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As for eating all the disgusting dishes and swimming in filth? That’s probably a lawsuit waiting to happen, but hey that’s ITV’s problem!

There seems to be a trend for politicians that want to step into the limelight and be seen as celebrities, Trump, Johnson, and Hancock, and while we expect them to be serious and run the country, isn’t it just a teeny, little bit fun to watch a politician get covered in slime and brought down to mere mortal status?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this way, in fact, if we are to believe the news, many of Hancock’s partners in crime have been downloading the app to vote for him to do the challenges.

There have been a few comedic moments such as when contestant Babatúndé Aléshé commented on Hancock’s shocking affair during the lockdown, mocking: “You didn’t just fall in love. You were grabbing booty bruv!”

What other opportunity would there be to get on a level with a member of parliament and call them out in such a hilarious way?

A spin-off show could work particularly well. Perhaps something based on the Stanford prison experiment but where the members of the public could question M.P’s, subject them to tasks, and assess them on their genuineness or lack of, ability to understand their constituents, and how likely they could be rehabilitated? Inspired by recent events, it could be called, ‘In the firing line,’ or ‘Trust Me: I’m a Politician.’

A few popular party games such as musical chairs could be employed to see how eager they were to shove each other out for a chance at winning, debasing their normal cut-throat tactics to even more childlike antics, if that’s at all possible. They would then have to explain why they deserve the chair over their fellow MP, with the next task being decided by the audience.

Anyway, I digress! I won’t be tuning into every episode of IACGMOOH, but I’ll be keeping tabs on it for sure.

What are your thoughts? Have you watched any of the shows? Or do you think it’s the biggest pile of piffle on tv? Do you want to see Hancock do more challenges? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

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