Are you ready for real talk or more b*llocks?

Is Tarot a load of old crystal balls?

I started watching online tarot a while back out of curiosity and became quite fascinated with some of the techniques used by the readers.

Following tarot advice is an easy way to deceive ourselves and take the advice of someone who has set themselves up as an alleged expert in all mystical areas of life. I watched various topics around my Starsign Scorpio, surfing channels until one evening I started chuckling to myself. Picture me – in my fluffy pyjamas, hair in pigtails laughing to myself like a maniac, the cat looking well and truly perturbed!

Why am I watching this utter, utter, utter, utter bollocks? I admonished myself in the voice of Rik Mayall.

The thing is, self-acclaimed online psychics are so enticing with their soft voices, shiny crystals, magical chants and soothing reassurances. Whatever your situation, they will have advice for it. Is that guy or friend not calling back? Not heard back from the job you applied for? Maybe you are waiting for a project to get off the ground? This is where your strings are pulled. Many readers will whisper that spirit is listening to you and knows your desires, that the friend you haven’t heard from is going through personal issues, that guy you swapped numbers with at Tesco’s has a hard time getting in touch with his feelings and isn’t ready to let love in, and as for that job? Well, there were just complications, but you need to be patient as a Fire sign will be bringing you advice soon, but you must be open to it! (IE: It’s your fault if it doesn’t happen, you were not open to that advice. That’s the psychics’ back nicely covered). Now, this is the danger and the difference between a good tarot reader and a bad one. A good tarot reader will never advise that you merely practise patience and believe that everything will come to you, because ‘the universe has heard you.’ A good reader will tell you to get off your arse and make changes because this is the truth…

The friend? Perhaps they do have a lot going on but you aren’t their priority. So what? You are allowed to have more than one friend. Go make some more.

That guy from the supermarket – he’s not struggling with his feelings, or feeling scared, he isn’t interested, or interested enough. Women are encouraged in society to be loyal to one person, but loyalty is wasted if it’s one-directional. Increase your options, focus on yourself and enjoy the journey.

That job? They found someone more suited to the role.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the faster you accept it, the sooner you’ll be on the road to better things.

It’s great to trust in the universe sometimes but when it comes to the direction your life will take, it can be extremely self-limiting and action is better than no action.  If your issue is linked to relationships you may have some toxic behaviours you need to work on (hell most of us do!). If career is an issue, then expanding your skillsets, reading lists and upgrading your C.V. is a good start. If you are struggling with a project, talk to people, ask around and be prepared to take criticism to see where you are going wrong. The truth is, it’s very hard to take criticism and start to begin to understand, analyse and work on our weaknesses. This is why silvery, sugar-coated words from a self-confessed guru can seem so appealing. It’s so much easier to trust in something that cannot be seen, rather than address the root causes of our issues in life and work on them.

The 11:11 portal today is bringing about great epiphanies. You didn’t get one yet? Oh, you will soon, but you must be open to it. Yes, I am a sarcastic bitch sometimes.

This isn’t by any means an attack on tarot readers. Many of them are extremely skilled psychologists and sometimes give good advice, but there are a few that will just whisper all the sweet nothings that you want to hear. You can’t expect external factors in life to change just because you willed it so, or because you listened to a series of tinkling bells while having your eyes dazzled with an amethyst. Positive change comes from an internal shift – thought – action – result. If you feel like life needs an upgrade, it is you that has the power to make it so, not any person or organisation. Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike once said, ”Everything you need is already inside.”

Society teaches us that patience is a virtue. How many friends right now do you have that are waiting on news from that one job they applied for, instead of firing off more applications? Even Heinz Ketchup spoon-fed us the false narrative “All good things come to those who wait.”

Did you know the original quote by C.W. Abe Lincoln The 16th president of the USA was actually: “Good things come to those who wait, but only what’s left from those who hustle!”

In other words, if you wait around, you’ll be left with the scraps that others didn’t want. 

Another favourite quote of mine is: “Fortune favours the bold.”

Generally, tarot is more popular with women and they are more likely to fall into these mindsets of assuming everything will all work out if they do all the virtuous things that society tells them to do, be pretty, but don’t be vain, be fun but be serious, show you are adventurous but don’t be loud, be confident, but don’t be opinionated, be independent and strong but don’t make your man feel like he has to compete.

As far as I know, there is no such rule book for men. Please correct me if I am wrong, I am always willing to learn, but I’ve never encountered societal rules that tell men they are not good enough in whatever they do. So, I’m sticking two middle fingers up to the rules. How can you be the best version of yourselves when you are trying to please everyone, follow ridiculous, forever-changing goalposts, or are worried you might offend someone for being yourself?

People love to hand out contradictions, be yourself…no no no – not that much! Tone it down! It’s a bit much! I saw a brilliant quote the other day (unfortunately I do not know the source) but it said, “If someone says you are too much, tell them to go and find less.”

Much of this will likely resonate more with women, seeing as men and women are treated so differently in society, but perhaps there are men or other genders out there who may resonate with some of the things I’ve covered in this topic. Do let me know if it did. Psychic talk 😉

The guidebook to life is outdated and you don’t get a manual or coordinator. We are all trying to navigate our way through it to the best of our abilities, so be your own best friend, which sometimes means being your own worst critic too.

Right, I’m off to take a super-sized spoonful of my own advice and get on the road to living my best life 😉 Happy weekend folks. Have a good one and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 

Fun Fact: (Instagram is an absolute hotbed for these talented souls who have the answers to all the world’s problems but can only solve them through a social app) If you make the mistake of following some of the ‘psychics’ or ‘readers’ be prepared for immediate interrogation. A favourite technique they will use is to immediately inbox you, “I was drawn to your photograph, spirit has a message for you.” If you don’t reply you’ll probably get a few more dm’s, each increasing in urgency about how they want to help you and the need to get in touch before it’s too late! Radio silence is a great method. They will eventually give up and go and pester someone else.

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