Create a positive mindset for 2023. Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I had you enjoyed a magical, fun-filled Christmas or at least had time to visit family and I hope the New Year was good to you so far.

If you are doing Dry January like myself, good luck and take a look at my Twitter post about a non-alcoholic, botanical spirit called Sentia. I will be blogging about this soon, once it arrives, with my opinions on this drink and similar brands.

Did you make any resolutions? This year I set goals instead of resolutions and these were:

•Do my very best at Dry January

•Get back into plant-based and lean protein eating

•Start filming a brand new documentary in January

•Start co-writing a non-fiction book with a friend

These are all on schedule so far and writing, planning, and plotting is underway! I aim to make some of my projects more community based this year, so they will hopefully help the circles I walk in, along with those who are interested in the themes we approach.

I wish you luck and success in your goals for 2023. Sometimes life knocks us down, we go through periods of grief, or hardship and we may struggle sometimes, but every single day is a brand new opportunity to get back up again and throw yourself back into the game of life.

These are my takeaways from 2022:

The sad stuff:

Losing my beloved Tabstick – but grateful to have had 15 beautiful years with her. She taught me so much about unconditional love and brought out my nurturing side. She filled my life with love and laughter.

Losing a family member. What was sad for us was a blessing for her and she is now at peace. I have so many wonderful memories that are precious to me.

Cutting out people that didn’t align with my values or complement my journey to be the best version of myself. By removing what doesn’t align with you, you clear the path of obstacles to achieve better things.

The loss of our dear Queen Elizabeth – she is now with her dear Prince.

The Russian War – war is a horrible business, literally.

3 MP’s! Surely one is already too many! Let’s put Larry the cat in charge? I can’t see him throwing illegal parties or snogging in the back office.

The cost of living crisis, the media fuelling the fear, and food shortages. This is ongoing, but lets hope humanity finds new ways to help each other.

The good stuff

I am grateful to have made some wonderful friends that inspire and motivate me and fill my world with sunshine and positivity.

2022 saw the release of my autobiography – Confessions of a dominatrix (available on Amazon – shameless plug!) various podcast shows with Jen Hopkins and Shaun Attwood, a documentary, which is still top secret, and an event I hosted called The Glamourazzis. I also travelled to both Sri Lanka and Croatia and around the beautiful coasts in the South East such as the Cornish Riveria.

Nearly all Covid restrictions were removed, meaning people were able to visit family and friends and spend treasured time with them.

People began to find their voices against some of the propaganda and became more aware of the power of unity.

Festivals and outdoor events returned in a big way.

50 years of Pride were celebrated.

The UK came 2nd in the Eurovision! How’s that for national pride?

We discovered UK dwellers are not as daft as we look and are bloody damn resilient! We united in the face of adversity and supported each other, to the best of our abilities, with what was available to us. High five to that!

If you don’t feel as if you achieved much in 2022, write down a summary. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve done in the space of a year. It will also highlight how – despite how gloomy things might feel on a particular day, there is a natural balance in nature and for every negative, there is a positive. You just need to seek them out a little bit more sometimes.

A new year is a fresh start. Spring is on its way, slowly awakening the natural world from it’s dusty-eyed slumber, with promises of longer, shinier days.

Early Jan was a chance for many of us to reflect upon the year, and for me to study more on positive mindsets and achieving goals.

I can highly recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s podcasts on becoming limitless and reprogramming your mind for success. I felt results instantly while watching. This video is particularly good, but it’s worth watching all of them:

How To BRAINWASH Yourself For Success & Destroy NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! | Dr. Joe Dispenza

I wish you all the very best for 2023 and hope it brings you happiness, good health, and the success you deserve. I thank everyone who has supported me throughout the year or has touched my life in some way. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Much love

-Kaz B

Some more inspiring podcasts for you:




It’s all worth checking out https://www.youtube.com/-anonymous to stay abreast of events that aren’t covered by the mainstream media. I’m not saying it is all 100% fact, but you will find truths within the content that may help you in the future.

Kaz B

Writer, podcaster, creator

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  1. Thanks Kaz, such inspiring words & links.

    This tortoise is a month behind but haring on to catch y’all up.

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