Do you do any of these things when on your own?

Earlier, I was thinking about some of the things I do when I’m on my own and wondered if they are unusual or if other people do them too. Despite being very sociable, I enjoy quite a bit of time alone as it allows me to reflect, rejuvenate and just shut out all the pressures of the modern world. You can’t beat a bit of self care. I wonder though, if part of it is because I can purely be myself and act in a daft way without someone forming an opinion on it. Most of these things I tend not to do unless I’m on my own, except if I know someone really well and I’m feeling particularly upbeat.

So here’s my list so far:

1: Jump out of bed Indiana Jones style with my feet in the air and a roll to convince myself I’m a bad ass prepared for the day ahead.

2: After a shower, shake myself like a dog to minimise water being transported out of the shower-room.

3: Sip coffee from a teaspoon.

4: When eating a Malteser, the chocolate gets nibbled off first before allowing the malt wafer to slowly dissolve.

5:Chasing peas around a plate to spear them all on one prong is so satisfying!

6: Singing a jukebox melody with the addition of my own mixing to mash up songs.

7: Watch about 7 or 8 film trailers on Netflix at bedtime before deciding I’m tired and can’t be bothered to watch anything.

8: Weird food combos – yes I’m having a veggie burger, no bun, lets throw some green beans on the side with spring greens and maybe an egg or some pan roasted cashew nuts!

9: Cycle between tasks, could be doing emails, reading a few passages interspersed by sit ups. Who says work has to be routine?!

10: Make several cups a tea and have a few sips of each before promptly forgetting about them and leaving them to grow cold.

11: On a country walk, practise Kung fu moves (no I don’t have a clue how to do kung fu, I make it up as I go along and imagine my huge opponent falling to the floor with a roar.)

12: If stepping over a stream, pretend it’s a massive gorge and I have to make my way back to civilisation.

13: Wonder to myself how I would survive in the wild and look around at fallen branches and ponder what would make the best shelter (when on the local golf course).

14: Ask the cats if they actually know that they are a fluffy puff and do they know how fluffy they are. They get bored of this well before I do.

15: Promptly get bored of the list I’m writing and promise to come back to it as I remember things, before possibly forgetting it forever.

So there you have it. Does anyone else do any of these things? Or perhaps you have different scenarios you play out in your me-time. Or maybe even you are completely normal – stranger things have happened! Let me know. I would love to hear your comments!

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  1. We all do strange things, have funny habits and foibles. That’s nothing unusual.
    Ones I share with you;
    I hate untidiness so I always let myself drip in the shower before getting out,
    I always put everything away, packets etc, with the label facing outward,
    Doing everything left first: i.e left sick, trouser leg, shirt arm etc
    I sometimes think “it’ll be unlucky to step on that paving slab,” so often jump them,
    And I insist on sleeping on and getting out of the same side of the bed.
    We’re all strange.

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