Love Thy Neighbour

A little poem I wrote some time back…..

Love Thy Neighbour

Trouble on oily waters, avengers of God
Did they come really from the sky
Was it really Muslim extremists
That wanted us to die?

Down underground
An innocent man
Was shot in the head
Just cause he ran

He looks like a terrorist
The lies we were fed
And now parents mourn
Because their sons dead

He only ran
Because he was late
On his way to meet a hot date
Or maybe just a beer with a mate
If only he’d known, about Terrorgate

The Muslims attack! They’re kill us all!
Cold evil lies, he would easily drawl

They gave you a gift
A weapon of war
A devious set up
To frame you all

The American Dream
A symbol of wealth
Brainwashed the masses
In a game of stealth

The daily rags ran with their story
Ignited the nations with hatred & fury
A bloody battle, pointless & Gory

Asians with backpacks carry explosives
The callous lies were truly corrosive
Feeding our fears, warping your minds
Twisting your logic, until you are blind

Send them all back on a boat they did cry
Show them no mercy and laugh as they die!

Crying children with no arms or legs
I want my Daddy, one toddler he begs
Daddy is now a prisoner of War
Lock him away, we’ll torture them all!

They played on your fears
Took over your brain
As harmless women & children were slain

The warlord cackled They misunderestimated my war on oil…I mean terror!
I done get muddled sometimes, I’m just a regular fella

We joined in the War – courtesy of Labour
But that’s no excuse to not Love Thy Neighbour!

Kaz B

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