Never Mind The Covcocs!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, with lockdown proving particularly difficult for those suffering from mental health disorders. Then of course there are those who thrive in chaos and use it to empower their own agendas. One of the most worrisome things to come from lockdown is the rise of the Covid Cultists, who prey on fear and confusion and use it to feed off of others.

There are many variants of Covid cultists and  followers, including the Fearless Martyr who worries deeply for the state of the world and is willing to put their own foot first and lead others in the cause they believe in.  They dream of a better world and believe in unity, but unfortunately have some very questionable beliefs and tend to be staunch anti-maskers.

The other type of Covid cultist is far more insidious. They are a sly fox, the sneaky bully at school that pressured other children into being naughty. These toxic entities are of a volatile nature, a beaker of poison threatening to bubble over into your domain. These people love to coerce those around them into adopting their beliefs and behaviours, and so I have named this type of character the Covcoercer. Let’s call them Covcocs for the sake of simplicity and I will use the pronoun he, although of course Covcocs can be any gender.

The Covcoc will undermine you at every move. They will push their ill-informed opinions upon you and unless you agree with their version of reality, they will insist that you are too ignorant to see their truths. 

If denied a public audience, the Covcoc is  likely to take to the internet to spread his hate-filled toxic rants upon society. He will spill a jumble of poorly articulated and nonsensical words across the pages of his social media streams, which will most likely span just about every conspiracy theory from chemtrails and Flat Earth, through to Pizzagate and celebrities being cloned. A small following of weak minded limpets will jump on the Covcocs every word….after all even Hitler had followers! They will reply to every vitriol filled rant with mob-like cries of “Yes, you know the truth!” and “I will not wear a mask!” Their chants are robotic, learned responses that possess a Stepford wife like quality. After all, a Covcoc must have his stooges to delegate his ‘workload’ to and his scapegoats to pass blame onto when he doesn’t obtain his desired outcome.

Anti-masker in denial

Sadly, in times of uncertainty there are people who need something to cling to, something to give them a feeling of being supported or part of something, and so they cling to the nefarious shark in an ocean of dolphins. These followers are not bad people, they have just been let down by society. They have not been offered a better option than the insane narrative and the false idol they embrace, and I feel deeply sad for them.

On the flipside, anyone else who does not buy into the Covcoc’s ‘truths’ will have scorn and derision heaped upon them. It matters not if you are a physicist, a virologist or a rocket engineer, unless you agree with the cult leader you will be mocked, labelled with all the current buzz words these tyrants have adopted, ‘dumb,’ ‘asleep,’ ‘sheep.’ To the Covcoc your science degree, journals and FACTS are simply an indication that you are not ‘woke.’ Woke is a new word which means to be aware of the injustices in society, but to the Covcoc, being woke means that you must agree with the far left and buy into every conspiracy theory going. They deem themselves woke of course and far more worthy than anyone else on the planet. They will claim to have researched and studied their topics which largely consists of watching conspiracy videos on Youtube, and obsessively scrolling through Facebook and absorbing other people’s opinions which compliment their version of reality. These declarations of superior knowledge are a metaphorical slap in the face to those that have actually spent years studying, and spent thousands of pounds and man hours pouring over journals and writing essays and dissertations. Many a scientist or pathologist would most likely laugh, if the Covcoc did not spread such dangerous opinions. 

This Machiavellian character possesses something akin to a God complex. He feels superior to other humans, believes he is the chosen one and suffers from delusions of grandeur and entitlement. He believes he is almost omnipotent, knows what is best for everyone else and implies he is able to predict the future. His empty rhetoric is a mish-mash of other conspiracy theorists half-baked theories, which he will never be able to provide evidence for as these theories are founded on hearsay, half truths and the mystical. If challenged he will default to broken record mode and simply repeat, “go do some actual research” until you wonder if he actually is a robot and if the chip in his frontal lobe is glitching.  Furthermore he never actually listens to anything other than the sound of his own voice, so the chances of you learning anything real from these types of people are little to none.  In their minds, the Covcoc feels it is their duty to remind people of their superiority and there is a childish playground element of, “I know something you don’t know!’ 

What’s the real virus in your life?

Online, the Covcoc is the equivalent of the loud, obnoxious child at school that repeatedly poked you in the arm and ribs, then cried for the teacher when you pushed them away. In person, the Covcoc is a boorish, pontificating tormenter. He is your living, breathing nightmare.

Perhaps it may be simpler to leave the Covcocs to their own devices and ignore them. After all, most are like toddlers throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting the attention that they feel they deserve. These people are dangerous for two reasons.

1: They spread false information and fake news to all who will listen, which can in some cases be harmful and can delay or prevent any kind of united voice or rational conclusion.

2:There is already a strong undercurrent of mistrust in our society and the Covcocs feed off this. It is a known fact that we as a nation have been mislead over many things in the news. We know that we have been given false figures for various things, such as the number of Covid cases. That is a known fact which has been proven with published results and various ministers admitting this. However, the Covcoc serves to create confusion and cloud the minds of those around him. Those who do not buy into the toxic rhetoric may simply discredit anything that comes from his mouth, regardless of whether there is any truth in his statement. It’s a case of the boy who cried wolf. The angry cultist cries wolf over and over until even those who once believed him step away, hide behind a wall and silently mock his needy, angry calls for attention. 

The Covcoc does not want to save humanity. The Covcoc wants to be praised and admired. He believes he is a modern day version of Jesus, although he will not try to adjust the status quo himself by taking action like starting petitions or creating a resistance. Instead, he will incite his stooges to rebel against the system, cause anarchy and praise their dark overlord!

Where a Covcoc is usually found?

Sometimes you might spot one out in public and they will usually be harassing a nervous shop assistant or waitress about their Covid policies. They will aim to bewilder their victim until they can finally walk away feeling superior and victorious. Covcocs by nature are cowardly, so as a rule will favour online hangouts such as Facebook, Groups, Twitter & Reddit. They will invariably try to take the conversation to a private message when called out – because there are no witnesses there! So watch out for this!

How to deal with a Covcoc.

If you have any sense of self preservation and your wits about you, DISENGAGE! Walk away, close the conversation down, do not react. 

If you do decide to argue your viewpoint with the Covcoc, be prepared to listen to hours of utter gibberish, accusations and abuse. You’d be better off trying to reason with a lamp post.

If a Covcoc is causing harm to you or another person.

If a Covcoc is causing serious problems, harassing you or someone else you can use the report feature on most social media websites. Otherwise, just unfollow and do not engage. Do not feed the Covcocs.

I hope this article has been helpful!

Below are some links to some of the conspiracy theories mentioned in this article.




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