If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On!

I’ve never been a music nazi and I am pretty passionate about most forms of music from rock n roll and Elvis Presley, through to funky house and dance music.

If baffles me however when I hear people dismiss one of my favourite genre’s – hard trance as ‘noise’. I’m sure you don’t need to have that fine tuned an ear to realise that it is not all bass line and banging riffs, there are often some very sweet melodies, and many taken from some of the all time greatest classical composers.  When I listen I hear all the different parts of the tune behind the bass, the melody, the different instruments and how it is all sewn together.

If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On!

I’m not really sure why it bothers me. I didn’t write it, so it shouldn’t matter one bit, but I suppose I hate to see creative genius go unappreciated and dismissed as garbage.

I appreciate all forms of trance from classic, fluffy and euphoric through to banging, dark and dirty!

On the flip side, many people who dislike this type of music, rave about the latest manufactured groups in the charts, which in my opinion takes a lot less talent to create and often the voices are tuned with synthesisers to conceal the lack of talent.

It’s boring to see the same old music videos that all emulate the same principles – money and sex and all conveyed in the same way. The latest trend of dancers wearing fishnets up to their armpits under their jeans is ridiculous too  – how did this ever become a thing!

If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On!Andy Warhol once said “Pop will eat itself”. The comment referred to the fact that he believed that everyone will be famous for a short time and he was quite right! The rise of youtube and reality stars and Instagram posters has made it possibly for people to be famous by cashing in on trends and posting pictures of their surgically enhanced derrieres and instagramming their lunch.

I think there is more to this quote though than meets the eye, it suggests the decay of popular culture. Not to say that there is no longer any creativity or talent musically, simply that trends and large budgets generally win over creative talent.

Sometimes it’s nice to escape from the current popular culture and head back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s when songs actually meant something. What’s on your playlist today?

If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On!

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