The Taker

Hello all,

You might be wondering why I have started penning all these rueful poems. I recently started writing my memoir and it has ignited a fire within me. Some of the memories that I thought I’d flushed away for good have risen from their graves in a creative burst, and now it’s finally time to express some of those darker memories in a constructive way.

I’m not in a bad place whatsoever. I’m simply eradicating the past by expressing it through writing, and if that journey takes me through some of the deepest, darkest valleys and back over some of the most treacherous mountains, then so be it.

If you don’t like poems, feel free to skip over this and visit my gallery here Here instead 😉

This is a poem called The Taker, based on an amalgamation of real-life characters from my history.

The Taker

The Taker

Do this

Do that

I need your brain and your hands

So you cooked dinner and worked all day long

But it’s not enough

Understand that you’re wrong


You have stuff to do? So what!

I really couldn’t care a jot

If doesn’t help me, then it’s really not work

So do as I say or I’ll just go berserk


Why should I do anything myself

When I can simply ask you to help

Then sit on my rear as you sweat and toil

And I rest on my laurels just like a Royal


I should be King and all bow to me

I am a legend why can’t you see

Everything should always be about me

Now be a good girl and just agree


Without me you’re nothing

For I am everything

What is your problem

Why are you crying


Where have you gone

Please come back

I’m all alone

I’m needing a snack

What do you mean, I’m an ego-maniac?


Fine just go then, turn away and leave

After everything I did for you and tried to achieve

How dare you say I tried to deceive

And why are you wearing a look of relief?


Don’t go away, I want you I need you

I need your supply, I don’t care if I bleed you

Without you I’m nothing

Do I need to start begging?


How could you do this after all that we’ve been through

And the help and support I’ve always given you

Your nothing without me, when will you learn

It’s my job to delegate and your job to earn


Why have you blocked me

I cannot get through

Are you angry? I haven’t a clue

Let’s just forget this and start anew

The dinner needs cooking, I fancy a stew

I’m not the bad guy, those words are untrue


You must be crazy

To walk away from me

So I’ll tell all I know

You’re an evil banshee


If I can’t control you

Then I’ll start to undo,

All the good that others see in you

Don’t start a war with someone like me

Please come back, I’m feeling so lonely


Kaz B

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