“Zombie Driftwood” Exclusive Premier to be held at Prince Charles cinema London!


After a much awaited release date
I can finally bring you the news that Zombie Driftwood is set to hit the cinema screens in November!

The official Exclusive film premier for Zombie Driftwood will take place on 19th & 20th November at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, and it’s predicted to be one of the hottest and most hilarious zombie flicks since Shaun of the Dead!

Filming took place in the idyllic location of Grand Caymen earlier this year, and spanned several hectics weeks for the crew and cast as zombies rampaged and took over the Island!

Metal band October File also feature in the movie with “Falter” the hottest, edgiest metal hit this year! Caymens travelled from all over the Island to catch a glimpse of the band and get a peek behind the scenes!

As one of the cast, playing the role of fun loving minx Marrianne, I can confess that at times things were very hectic but an amazing amount of fun! It was a fantastic script and the crew and cast were truly amazing! It was on honour to work alongside them, and Director Robbert Carruthers who has made a much awaited return to making movies!

This is set to be a sellout so get your party dresses and tuxedo’s out and see you there!


Buy tickets now: http://www.princecharlescinema.com/indexdown.php?display=1468&date=2010:11:20&year=2010&month=11&day=20

Raving Zombies rampage the island!

And for some behind the scenes action and footage:



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