Bangkok Clubs For Women

Bangkok Clubs For Women are on the rise.

Bangkok Escort Clubs

Bangkok has always been known as the ultimate party city where spending time with an escort is common place. You can walk into any bar and choose from a selection of beautiful, exotic women to spend time with. Sharing a drink with them in the club starts from as low as just $10 dollars, and if you want to take one of these ladies off on a voyage of exploration elsewhere you simply pay the bar a bigger fee, generally around $40.

It seems the Bangkok scene is also tapping into the female market and this city is rapidly becoming an even more popular destination for travellers from all across the globe. Women seeking the company of gentlemen can visit bars that specifically cater for women and provide male escorts to keep them entertained and satisfied.

In reality how does this process work? There is a lot more sitting around and  drinking than you would expect according to many travellers on the internet. It would seem from doing some research that the Thai men working in these bars don’t tend to be as fluent in English as the tourists would like. I would hazard a wild guess that when men book a female Thai escort they enjoy a little laughter, some sweet giggles and small talk (or why go to Thailand and book an escort?), so a female not being fully fluent is not such a huge problem for them. Women however, as a rule, are known to enjoy and expect deeper conversation so are likely to be a tad more critical when it comes to a communication barrier.

Bangkok Escort Clubs

Whilst this scene may not be huge at the moment I can see it really taking off. Since 50 Shades Of Grey and the empowerment of females as sexually powerful beings, women are exploring these options more and more. There has been a great deal on ‘Slut Shaming’ in the press which condemns poor media portrayal of women, and disparages public figures that use out of date, derogatory terms such as ‘slut’ to describe a women that has had lots of boyfriends or sexual partners. With this in mind, I think there will be a lot  more venues catering for women. Women are sexual creatures too and have drives and desires like men, and there are lot of single women out there and older ladies that are widowed, divorced or unmarried. They may love their independence and choose to be single, yet they still have urges like anyone else. So why not cater to this market and supply smoking hot Thai boys they can spend their evening with an enjoy a nice pitcher of pitcher of ‘Cuchi Cuchi’ at one of Bangkok’s most novel venues!

Bangkok Escort Clubs

Oh, I can hear the sound of the ladies stampeding already!

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