Kaz on Brit Asia

I recently had the pleasure of being invited down to Brit Asia TV to act in one of their new shows “Hooked Up” For any of you who remember Blind Date  – Hooked up is a spoof of the old show! I got to play one of the three “lovely ladies” and was lucky enough to be selected by the star Rishig! He played the part of a total nerd who lived with his Mum and spotted trains and was so funny I had to contain myself at times!

Then we were whisked off to the restaurant for our date but sadly there were no caviar and oysters!

Despite the lack of needless extravagants, I did have an amazing experience and enjoyed working with the crew and cast who are a fantastic bunch that I hope to meet again.

Stay tuned to find out when this will be airing on Brit Asia!

Kaz B

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