Snuggly bed & Sci-fi VS Extreme Challenges. Is there room for both? Oh yes!!!

The nights may be long and cold but what better excuse to give yourself a good pampering or snuggle up with some skinny cow hot chocolate and some awesome sci-fi!

This winter I have been enjoying the Dr Who specials despite being devastated at the loss of David Tennant, The Doll House – more brilliance from Joss Whedon – maker of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and more Star Trek Voyager! It’s no wonder my dreams are a chaotic world of secret agents,  borg technology and demons from the deep!

I have but a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager left, 1 episode of the Dolls House – ever! (why do they always cancel the great things in life!) I’ve also watched both series of True Blood and now started on Firefly so need some suggestions for new series to watch please! Don’t worry I do have a life really, despite the major geekiness as I usually tend to watch them on my i-pod whilst travelling or before bedtime. Honest guvnor! 😉

Well if that had you concerned – being a life long fan of Barbie my next mission is to get to work on re-conditioning a doll to resemble the humanoid borg Seven Of Nine from Voyager! Any tips please send them this way!

Hee hee al is not lost – I managed to drag myself away from my world of sci-fi, fantasy and of course modelling this week to take my family to the Sensory Spa. Having been recently treated to a day at Champney’s by one of my more generous subs I thought I had not better expect too much but we were pleasantly surprised by the service and treatments. It may not have been set in idealic countryside, the robes were not of the fluffy and luxurious variety and there were no free over sized slippers to sweeten us with but the range of equipment in the gym was fantastic and the jacuzzi warm and not overcrowded. Furthermore we were given a choice of full body massage or a facial.  Well given that my small army of slaves and minions are very accommodating in the massage department if permitted, I opted for the latter and spent half an hour being smothered in creams, potions and lotions. I tend to have a pretty short attention span and usually try to keep myself busy so being forced to lie still was a good opportunity to start relaxing, even if I did have to try and keep myself awake for fear of talking gibberish in my sleep. Exclamations of “No I don’t want a tea towel!” and “check the roast potatoes”have been known to happen, including waking up in the doctors,  clinic or on the train suddenly to find people snickering at my random sleep outbursts! Lets hope that is all I said!

Well after a killer workout from which I am still aching, and trowelling off several litres of au natural pond scum from my visage, it was time to head off for some tea.  So off to Nando’s we trotted and included myself 4 witched sat cackling in the back much to the bemusement of the other customers. You know what it’s like when you get all girls together – pure silliness through and through and we couldn’t stop giggling as we discussed the lesser qualities of sweetcorn and so on….you get the gist!

After a lovely day it was off home for sleepy byes! Well I am recovering but walking up the stairs is still a challenge to my sore muscles and I feel like they have been injected with formaldehyde! That might be due to starting up my regime of lunge, press ups and other painful activities this morning – but it has to get worse before it gets better right? Watch this space for Superkaz!

Well I guess I had better get training military style. I have been invited to audition for 101 ways to leave a gameshow. I basically have to answer general knowledge questions until I get one wrong then may be catapulted, shot from a cannon or ejected from the show in various other terrifying ways! My plan is to train and then mentally prepare myself for a few weeks for this moment of pure adrenaline, working on the philosophy – that which does not kill you makes you stronger! In a blind leap of faith I am assuming it is all safety checked (and will no doubt ask this question 3 million times along the way) so the only thing to fear is fear itself….right? That is apart from looking like a total Kazspaz if I fail to answer a question a 5 year old would know…in their sleep, or if I scream like a little girl who has seen a big spider! Still, having said that I could live until 90 having never done anything this exciting and nothing to look back on. I wouldn’t be able to say “well I’ve lived my life good and well and to the full – I’m happy if I die in my sleep now”I think that would be a more terrifying prospect – don’t you?

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted! 😉 Have a great week guys!

Kaz B

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