The journey of a writer

When you are a writer, none of life’s adventures and mishaps are a wasted experience. Every crisis or personality you meet is a story waiting to be told. The truth is – we can all be writers. Ok, so you may not wish to write a best selling bonkbuster, or an epic film script, but even writing a journal can be very therapeutic. In doing so you can release emotions and pent up energy…and even use it as a gauge to see how far you’ve come in life.

Every emotion, every experience….saviour them, re-live them, and write them down. When you look back you’ll be amazed at how much you have achieved. It can also help you see in which direction you want to go, as well as helping you process more negative experiences in a positive way. In expression, we learn, we grow, we develop.

Don’t be afraid of the emotional journey that comes with writing either. You may at first be compelled to write avidly without stopping, then when you finish you will feel a high. When that high passes the doubt may slip in (especially if you plan to do anything with your writing for an audience in mind). But recognise the doubt for what it is, an opportunity to improve. To improve the standard in your second, third draft, fourth and so on. These emotions may even be circular, but don’t fear them or push them away. Embrace them, appreciate them, and use them to create exactly what you want. And finally, accept your piece. Re-read it, see it as an accomplishment and remember back to when you had only written your first page or chapter. Give yourselves credit for seeing the project through and stay positive.

Enjoy your exploits 🙂

Kaz B

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