‘Transformation’ I like to call this piece – ramblings from a mad woman.

I sit upon my icy cold glacier, chilled to the core, observing the horizon. Huddling into myself I watch the terns high in the sky – feeling a part of myself soar and swoop with them. I watch a majestic penguin making it’s way to the waters. His beautiful feathery coat is sleek and he gracefully dives after a fish, which he crushes and swallows. I revel in the beauty of nature and shudder at it’s horrors.

A cold wind is stirring, then the sky clears and a glorious ray of sunshine appears. I lift my face towards it, basking in the beautiful sunlight which dances across my face like kisses from the cosmos.

Then I am slipping. The heat intensifies and my sturdy glacier is disappearing from under me. Below me, the ocean is dark and menacing. The waters swell, threatening to engulf me. I slide further, racing towards the troubled waters, trying to keep grip on this slippery slope that melts away as the sun reaches it’s highest point. Then I feel an icy cold splash. I resist the urge to be submerged. I cling to my glacier, which freezes and burns my hands. I refuse to sink, I will swim. The water is fierce and I struggle, but my will is strong. My temperature is plummeting and in my panic I envisage a circle of sharks, waiting to feast upon me.

Then I think, why swim and struggle when I can fly? My arms transform into the magnificent wings of a eagle. My eyes narrow hawk-like and I free myself from the icy depths and soar into the sky. The Ocean looks calmer now and far less menacing.
I spread my wings and rise up, soaring into the grey sky. Occasionally I swoop down feeling the spray of the water on my face. The water teems with life, abundant with energy. The once dark forbidding ocean is no longer my enemy. I face the sun and continue my journey, wherever that may take me.

Kaz B

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