‘Golden Goddess’ Face Potion – all natural!

Here is one of my favourite home-made beauty treatments.
A lot of shop bought beauty treatments are over-priced and are packed with chemicals that are harsh on your skin. Try my ‘Golden Goddess recipe’ mix, live natural yoghurt, large dash of lime and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. The yoghurt and lime contain AHA and Lactic acid to ex foliate the skin. Lime is antibacterial, and yoghurt is soothing. Make sure the yoghurt to lime ratio is higher as it may be a but too acidic! The turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and brings down redness and prevents blemishes. Don’t forget to wash off afterwards as you may get a few funny looks!

You can eat this too – although it doesn’t taste too good! Full of good bacteria, the turmeric gets rid of aches and pains and is said to ward off dementia. Lime is packed with vitamin C ,and is said to prevent kidney stones and infections. You could always try mixing in a spoonful of honey to make it more palatable. You can use honey on your skin too. Honey is packed with nutrients and is natures beauty gift from the bees! Thank you little bees!

And afterwards….see the

natural glow?

Kaz B

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