Words that I have invented this week…..

Word 1: ‘Lolzer’ – Peeps, if any stranger sends you unsolicited pervy mesages on FB/Twitterl-land or online, and seems to be such a desperate sad act that it makes you laugh…feel free to use my hashtag ‪#‎Lolzer‬

Definition: From the noun ‘Loser’ to lose, to struggle to obtain ones aspirations & desires, merged with the abbreviation ‘LOL’, to laugh out loud, “I laughed out loud at this miserable sore loser” All I could think was “Lolzer!”

Word 2: ‘Girl-bruv’ one of your Bruv’s, that is a girl. “Where are my girl-bruvs?” “Did you see my girl-bruv drop her kebab?”

I am claiming original ownership of these terms. You my friends can use these words though as I love you all soooo much!

God. I’m gonna need my own dictionary at this rate!

Kaz B

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