Happiness is contagious!

Life is not a bed of roses. If you want to sleep on petals, you need to plant the seeds and water them every day.

I believe sometimes people will come into your life to impart a lesson. The experience may not necessarily be good and at the time the friendship may even feel negative or toxic. But it’s how you choose to react to these people and situations that will shape your future and happiness. When we are treated badly it is very easy to fall into the trap of feeling negative and a bit hard done-by. But this will only lead you on a downward spiral. If you let bitterness fester, it will consume you.

There is ALWAYS something you can learn from a negative experience, and whilst unpleasant, if you learn to react to these experiences in the right way and use them as a learning curve, they will serve only to make you stronger.

When dealing with unreasonable people, I always question: What can I leant from this? Does this person have any qualities that I would not like to possess? What are they and how can I ensure that I am not like them? Did they highlight any of my bad points and are there things I can work on in myself to prevent future occurrences? If you dig deep you will find valuable lessons in these experiences.

Often people may zoom into your lives like bumblebees ,and soon is is time for them to fly away again. Sometimes you need to encourage them to spread their wings and fly. Even if you grasp a gentle bumblebee for too, if it needs to move on with it’s own journey, you run the risk of it stinging you. If it’s a big nasty hornet, well open a big can of repellent quickly and disappear as quick as possible!

When you let go of negativity you open yourself up to a whole world of opportunity. It might feel difficult if you are feeling blue but find an outlet, something that allows you to express yourself creatively. I am compelled to write; articles, stories, blogs… but for you it may be painting, gardening, singing or something else. Find out what that is and lose yourself in it. When you open up the doors of creativity, you release negative emotions and turn them into something beautiful. Release them and make them into an art form.

On an everyday scale, smile, inspire, make people laugh. If you fill everyday with happiness, even when it feels tough to do so, eventually it becomes more natural. You reprogramme your mind and strengthen the neural pathways of your brain that induce positive behaviour.

Happiness is contagious. It spreads like wildfire. Emotions are contagious. So do you want to be a doom monger, or do you want to be a ray of sun shine, doing your best to make those around you glow?

Have a lovely day you little miracles!

Kaz B

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