#RT A bit of tumour: Cutting out Toxic people!

I wrote this a while back and forgot to publish it. If it isn’t any help to you, maybe it will make you giggle at least 😉

I recently made a promise to myself to stop making bad decisions. Part of this was to avoid unscrupulous men and toxic people. Some people are so toxic, they get under your skin and grow like a cancerous tumour. Their aim? To take over you, control you, drain you and consume your soul! Do yourself a favour and cut that nasty little tumour out, before it gets a hold.
I’m a lot choosier with my friends and would-be suitors these days, so I’ve done a Miley Cyrus and put together a checklist for myself to refer back to lolz! Nope – I don’t have any contracts to sign or a list of topics that are up for discussion on a date, it’s pretty simple. Don’t be a F***wit and have some pride! 😀

Ladies these guidelines should be at the top of your list too.

1:Have a job, or be self employed. For one, it means they have at least some ambition/direction and aren’t just staggering haplessly or hopelessly through life.

2: Are self sufficient and know how to treat a lady: Arriving at the pub and announcing every single time ‘Make mine a Stella before swaggering off’ just doesn’t cut the mustard!

3: Is comfortable with being affectionate. If you can’t even be affectionate I might as well just get myself a labrador. Have intimacy issues? Oh jog on little boy, Us ladies want a real man that doesn’t break out in a sweat when he holds hands.

4: Has some pride. If a guy can’t be bothered to shower, dress for the occasion or treat people with respect show him the door. Close it with a reassuring slam and deadlock it! Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Simply owning a toothbrush is not good enough – it needs to interact with those fangs regularly. Same goes for showers, and respecting one’s surroundings.

5: Is emotionally mature. This means they can discuss things like an adult and don’t display avoidant, aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviour. If they go into hiding or get angry when you have an opinion… or smile and talk through gritted teeth, it sounds like you have an A-list A-Hole on your hands. Avoid like the plague. They are a plague in their own right and will infest you with negativity, breaking you down bit by bit. Nobody needs a soul sucker.

6: Stimulates your mind: Three word texts are pretty uninspired. Don’t send us girls a simple“Lol” or use text speak. This applies even more so if you are over 25! Not only is it often unintelligible, it looks lazy and certainly does not make for inspiring conversation. It’s like trying to converse with a brick wall with learning difficulties. So why bother? If a guy cannot stimulate my mind there’s going to be nothing left when the initial spark of chemistry dies away. Same rule applies to you.

7: Is generally well mannered, Chivalrous, courteous and knows when to smile, nod and walk away. Being gobby or wanting to fight everything is not attractive and a bit shameful. The pen is mightier than the sword. Let words be your weapon unless push comes to shove. Sometimes it takes a bigger man to walk away from a hostile situation. Having said that, he should have the balls to stand up to any serious threats.

Plus my general rule of thumb pointers – if they are unkind to animals, children or old people, they probably have a lot of issues and should be avoided at all costs. You can’t use this factor on it’s own. I have been caught out that way – just because someone is ‘outwardly’ kind doesn’t mean they are. Here’s an interesting fact for you – did you know that most serial killers own dogs? No? Well there you have it!

Kaz B

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