A few piccies from this week.

How have you lovely readers been?

In the last week I’ve been pretty good in terms of diet and fitness! I’ve signed up to Slimming World (which a certain relative of mine refers to as Fat F*ckers) been to an aqua class, started Zumba, and done yoga and meditation or cardio everyday! Ok so the bottle of wine on Friday and the Vodka and Pimms were a bit of a slip oooopsi! But I still managed to spend half of Saturday night dancing and got asked out by a drummer! This led to a classic moment when my Mum turns to the band at the party and candidly says – ‘Ooooh lovely she needs some new friends. She doesn’t get out enough!’ I may have been dressed up to the nines, I may have been wearing the coolest leather Jacket since John Travolta played Danny in Greece…..but in one sentence Mama manages to make me look like a total loser. I cracked up laughing and said – “Thanks for making me look like a loser Mum!” – Well what can ya do eh!

I’m also in the middle of organising work and play for September. This week I’m touring in London and catching up with a few girly friends. Then I’m shooting for F8 Glamour Club at the weekend. 23rd I’m off to Essex to visit Saskia and Friends for several days of networking events, parties, work and funtimes. When the UKAP party comes round I hope my sequin dress is clinging in all the right places! I have been doing all these exercises in self control and telling myself I am a Jedi Master. It definitely works when it comes to diet, but there is simply no way I am missing out on any fun!

Have a fabulous month Sexy People!

Kaz B

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