My Thought Of The Day – Self Acceptance

Whenever you beat yourself up mentally over work/career, family, friendships and so on….think ahead 50 years or so and visualise your headstone. Do you think it would say ‘Wish I’d put in more hours at the office’ ‘Wish I’d put up with more shit from people’ ‘wish I’d been a size zero’. Sometimes it helps me put things into perspective. Be the best person you can be today. Waiting till you have lost 3 pounds/feel more confident is not giving yourself the love you deserve. Accept yourself as you are, there is no other ‘YOU’ You are totally read for the universe and all it’s pains and pleasures. Push your comfort zones and you will grow.Paint on a smile and eventually it will become real.
I hope my little monologue helps, or at least made you smile a little.

Free yourself from negativity & self doubt.

Kaz B

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