Purple-Princess-Power An anti-aging juice recipe I just put together..

I’m quite a fan of juice and like to make my own concoctions. This recipe is best served over ice in a chilled glass. Add an umbrella for decoration if desired. Boys – if you are concerned about drinking something (that I made up) with a girly name, you can simply change it to ‘Purple-Prince-Power’ 😉

Today I made a juice from:

Several White and red cabbage leaves – great because they are full of anthrocythins, flavinoids and tons of vitamins and minerals. These are not only great anti-agers, but are also linked to Cancer Prevention. Red cabbage also has much more of these fantastic nutrients!

Plums (3-5) – cabbage can be quite bitter on it’s own and the lovely sweetness of plums offsets it and gives it a beautiful flavour.

Apple (2)– fresh, tasty and nutrient packed. Linked to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, helps stave off cancer and diabetes and helps to prevent wrinkles.

Cucumber – Great for hydrating the skin as it contains electrolytes, potassium and a whole host of other goods. This one is super for detoxing and clearing your skin.

Fresh parsley – my favourite herb to add to juice. It has a fresh, crisp zingy flavour and aside from being a high flyer as an anti-cancer agent, it is an anti-inflammatory. Basically inflammation is one of the things responsible for ageing, degeneration and disease in the body.

A sprig of Thyme – Another great herb. Lowers blood presssure, helps the body fight off potential infections, it’s anti-fungal, protects against various types of cancers and once again is fabulous for the skin daaahling!

A big handful of sage leaves – Full of nutrients such as Vitamin K which again is one of your skin’s best friends. Medical news says “In fact, sage has been considered somewhat of a panacea (solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases) throughout history because of its wide range of uses in cooking and medicine..”

It’s proven to help memory, help in Helps diabetes type 2 patients,lowers cholesterol and again is an anti-inflammatory. This herb really is natures gift to us.

You only get one body, treat it well and feed it a variety of fruit and vegetables and may it serve you well.

I hope you enjoyed that and don’t forget to leave comments and share your suggestions and questions!

Sources and further reading:

Fantastic article on growing sage indoors: https://www.sproutabl.com/gardening/herbs/growing-sage/






Kaz B

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