20 Things that I am loving about being single!

I noticed a few of my girly friends complaining about being single on Facebook the other day, so thought I’d put together a list of why it is awesome to be single! Ok so some of the reasons are personal to me but I am sure everone have their own too.
I have done my best to keep it fun and light hearted and not rip into men! The problem is with being a Scorpio, we have very biting tongues and can unleash a whole load of venom without even trying!Therefore, I have to reign it in and play extra nice as us Scorpions can be a teeny tiny bit intense & a touch sardonic in getting our message across sometimes!

Reasons it is great to be single!

1: Being able to lie like a starfish across my King Size Bed…
2….Sideways, if I choose!
3: Being able to cuddle the cat in bed and read magazines till I fall asleep
4: I can eat cereal/chocolate/milkshake for dinner…
5…..and then weird health foods the next day to compensate with no fuss!
6: I can accept any invitations I want, and do what I want whenever I want…my time is my own!
7: I don’t have to make conversation first thing in the morning if I don’t feel like it!
8: If I’m not working I can lounge in my PJ’s without feeling bad.
9: I can whip out the rampant rabbit whenever – guilt free!
10: I an luxuriate in my weird habits -singing to myself/making tea with 3 different types of teabag/bathing in tea etc – no one to take the piss or whinge!
11: I don’t have to question myself and worry about someone else.
12: I can watch really shit movies without fear of ridicule…
13…play Miley Cyrus loudly..
14…and lip sync whilst dressing up in silly tutu’s without being given “You are too old for this juvenile behaviour” look!
15: Less jawache!
16: and earache!
17: I can really lose myself in a project interruption free, whether that project is something serious like writing a script, or frivolous, such as researching on the internet which mascaras give you the fullest lashes!
18: The house is tidy – unless I trash it!
19: I can be spontaneous! If I start my night in Birmingham but it ends in London, and I arrive back home with my fake eyelashes stuck to my cheek and my hair is like a birds nest – where’s the bad?
20: I can flirt with hot people 100% guilt free teehee!

Kaz B

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