Tatters The Butterfly On The Mend

Tatters our rescue butterfly seems to have made a dramatic improvement in health! Today when I drew the net back from his box he fluttered his little wings – which seemed to be in excitement! I know I can tend to be subject to a little anthropomorphism, but he even looks up at me as he flaps his wings! He practically legged it across the box and flitted onto my hand, uncurling his probitis. This means – “Food please!” He is eating his sugar syrup with enthusiasm but I’ve yet to find some fresh flower blooms to gain his interest.

Having done a little research I learnt that butterfly wings do not regrow. However it does definitely seem like there is some repair to his existing wings taking place. Here’s a picture from today.

Don’t forget butterlies LOVE sunlight so if you are rescuing an injured butterfly, ensure to pop him in a place where he can get a little sunshine (and some shade too of course! )

Kaz B

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