Tortured Soul

Another poem from the recesses of my twisted mind haha!

Tortured Soul

On the brink of the abyss
Surrounded by night
Smothered by darkness
and longing for light

My body is broken
My mind beyond repair
Struggling to exist
Never going anywhere

Reaching out for a gentle touch
A friendly smile, a comforting word
Deep in the depth of my tattered heart
I know that this notion is truly absurd

Not wanted in the material world
Not ready for the astral plane
Trapped in a limbo of emptiness
Alone with my thoughts, half insane

No one hears when I tearlessly cry
Sometimes I wonder why did I die
Yet stay chained to this world
Why oh why

No one to miss me
No one to care
My only ability
The power to scare

So from now on I am compelled
To roam the earth at night
Searching out a victim
To release me from my plight

But human nature I have found
Is based on fear and greed
I’ll haunt the paths of the hellbent men
You best take heed, take heed

So I am bound unto this world
For a thousand years or more
Unless a kindly Soul can help me
Find that elusive door

Oh how to escape this mortal plane
How I long for sweet realease
Will I find that sacred door
To epiphany and restful peace

For now I’ll punish mortal hearts
Of those who are cruel and unkind
If you dare hurt the innocent
Then I will break your mind

Mark my words and heed them well
I will not say them twice
For every hurt you commit
I’ll make you feel them thrice!

Kaz B

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