Thrilling new roles in the world of film 2013

So, some of you probably know me for my debauched roles on film, but did you know that I do mainstream acting too? I have been pretty busy with other projects so it’s kind of taking a backseat until more recently, but the more film I do the more I fall in love with it! Oh….did you just break out in a cold sweat? Well if you are worried that I might jack in the blue-er movies and become a diva, let me reassure you – I have no plans to abandon the world of naughtyness, or stop being me for that matter! It just means I am going to be even busier – a crazy ball of energy spinning around!

Last year I was pretty busy but managed to squeeze in a part two horror movies – Zombie Slasher Movie ‘Zombie Bait‘ and psychological horror ‘Silent Cradle‘ as well as being a featured extra on Blade Runner Parody ‘Bladder Run‘. Now this year is set to be full of more film roles for me if I play my cards right.

This week I acted in a film short called ‘JohnnyPeru and the centre of the universe’ which was another speaking role for me playing a gangster’s fancy bit. I met some fantastic people on set and it was a great experience. I even met an actor who had played alongside Leonardo Decaprio in ‘Gangs of New York’ who was really helpful and lovely – but they were all such a great crew and cast and I hope to work with them again in future. They were all so focused and professional and I sincerely hope the short will gain them the funding they are looking for to make a full length feature.

As I’ve said before I am a big supporter of British movies and I am available for collaborations as well as normal paid roles as an actor/writer/co-director. I have met so many talented people working on low budget British sets. We don’t have the huge budget our American friends over the pond have, but we sure have great talent, great scripts and know how to make a film piece come alive and feel so ‘real’.

I am priveledged to currently reading 3 film scripts. You may already know that I am working with film Direcor Jason Impey and actor Wade this Thursday, to work on some seriously dark and disturbing material to send of to the festies – that’s my phrase for film festivals! I’m a huge fan of horror and love dark, nasty roles and truly screwed up characters. I don’t know why – perhaps I just find it fascinating to find out what makes people tick, or perhaps it’s a safe outlet to explore the darker personality traits that many of us choose or need to suppress.Either way I just find it liberating & for me…. I guess it’s creative expression! Or for me a creative explosion in the way it sometimes comes out!

Towards the end of the week I’m rehearsing another gritty part for a film short, the part is female lead who is a totally messed up alcoholic. So I’ll be looking in the mirror later, practising my wobble and glassy eyed stare as I work on slurring my lines!

Anyway – I better get back to reading & rehearsing my scripts so I know all of my lines! If you would like to discuss a film role, collaboration or request an interview then please send an e-mail to pr@kazb.co.uk or if you would like to share your thoughts with me on film or anything else then please leave a comments on my blog and I will respond.



Kaz B

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