Prime Minister David Cameron -“we will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets.”

In his Downing Street statement David Cameron addressed the nations concern by taking a strong stance against rioters.

He informed the nation that:

*16,000 police are making a presence on the streets of London.

*There have been a total of 750 arrests in London since Saturday.

*There will be many more arrests using footage from close circuit cameras.

*He addresses the problem with gangs in Britain and a lack of respect in our country.

*He speaks with disgust of children as young as 12 and 13 looting and laughing at an injured man who looters pretend to help and then rob.

*He promises that full measures will be taken to help businesses affected, to rebuild communities and shops, to make sure the homeless are rehoused and to help the local authorities in all ways that are necessary.

*He speculates on punishments for those involved and speaks of a tough approach being needed, as well as applauding those that have supported the police in their investigations”

It is for the courts to sentence but I would expect anyone convicted of violent disorder will be sent to prison.
We needed a fight back and a fight back is under way.
We have seen the worst of Britain but I also believe we have seen some of the best of Britain: the million people who have signed up on Facebook to support the police; communities coming together in the clean-up operations.

He continues:

This continued violence is simply not acceptable and it will be stopped.
We will not put up with this in our country, we will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets.
Let me be clear, at Cobra this morning we agreed full contingency planning is going ahead.
Whatever resources the police need they will get, whatever tactics police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so.

We will do whatever is necessary to restore law and order on to our streets.
Every contingency is being looked at, nothing is off the table.
The police are already authorised to use baton rounds and we agreed at Cobra that while they are not currently needed, we now have in place contingency plans for water cannon to be available at 24 hours’ notice.

See the full statement on the Telegraph website:


With the injured toll swiftly rising, and another 3 men killed in Birmingham’s Winson Green for protecting their community, Cameron’s assurances have come at a much needed time.

With Facebook and other social networking groups stepping in to clean up the debris and vowing to protect their communities, it must be reassuring to many that there are many decent people in Britain.

Summary: The message is clear force can and will be taken needed to restore law and order with police given the order to use water canons, batons and plastic bullets.

Perhaps we as a nation can feel safer in our homes, in our places of work and on the street knowing that the police are armed and ready to take action against serious crimes.

Kaz B

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