National disgrace. A commentary on the destructive national Riots

It’s been a tough few years for Britain and we have faced hard times among the job cuts, high unemployment, and the banking fiasco’s.

It is no wonder that as a nation we feel angry and that many feel that the government are responsible for this decline and hardship.

Many youngsters are angry because their future looks bleak. They face a future without employment or education and no prospects. It is easy to see how the situation has gotten out of control. Youngsters have been let down by the goverment, schools and their parents.

But there is never any justification for violence. It does not solve anything and harsh punishments should be mandatory for those involved in arson, muggings and violence.

The rioting will worst effect the small independant businesses who are targetted and unable to get back on their feet, the firefighters who are risking their lives in this mindless arson, and those needing police assistance or a paramedic and are unable to be assisted in time with the fire and police departments tied up in this heinious matter.

Lives will be lost, and businesses and livelyhoods will be destroyed. The millions of pounds worth of damage caused in the big cities will no doubt be billed to the taxpayers once again, whose resources have been already over stretched by bailing out the banks and benefits fraudsters.

The big chain stores will most likely tackle their losses by penalising the consumer and raising their price tags.

So what should the goverment be thinking about once this is over?

They have completely lost touch with the youths of Britain and need to address this, but also highlight that violent crimes will not be tolerated.

Furthermore they also need to address a national feeling of apathy. More emphasis should be put on training for the unemployed and those with low incomes. Schools should put more emphasis on teaching business skills and actual usuable skills that will help in the workplace.
Practical and creative workshops across the Uk would benefit scores of people looking to return to or start work.

Instead of custodial sentences for youths committing more minor crimes (which results in them often returning to society more corrupt after a spell in prisons full of dangerous criminals, at the expense of the taxpayer) the government should look at alternative sentences which focus on more useful community service and making offenders attend pratical skills classes, as well as being shown the suffering they have caused to individuals.

In times so hard, we should all stick together as a community and pool our resources and skills. We should not let prejudice or racism guide us. We should use logic and not allow ourselves to be controlled by our angered emotions. We need to work with one another for change, and not make excuses for gangs who use the death of a gang member who opened fire as justification for theft and destruction.

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks out:

“We will do everything necessary to restore law and order to Britain’s streets and make them safe for the law-abiding.

“More than 16,000 oficers will be on London streets by Wednesday.

“At least 450 people have been arrested so far.”

“You will feel the full force of the law!”


My thoughts go out to all those who have been affected and the firefighters and police who risk their lives to keep us safe.

If you have been affected by the riots or know someone who could use some help you may find the following link useful:


If you want to take part in assisting your local community in the aftermath you may find the following sites useful.



Or why not check the web to see if their is a group in yoru area, and if not start your own!

Stay safe peeps!

Signing out – Kaz B

Young man forced to handover clothes to looter in Birmingham

Kaz B

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