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I’ve had a lot of recent e-mails from guys asking me to give them advice on various areas of their lives, from how to enhance their sexlife through to whether their penis is normal or how often they should wank! (If you;re not getting friction burn or getting arrested then you’re doing just fine! And always knock one out before you go on a date to prevent the age old 2 pumps and a squirt nightmare!)

Anyway I’ve decided to start publishing a few of my weekly letters and responses to assist those who may be wondering exactly the same thing.

If you would like my thoughts on an issue that effects you, simply pm me and I will do my best to answer- although not every letter will be published. Your identity will remain anonymous unless you specifically request otherwise.

Here’s a sample from this week’s post at Princess Towers…..

Frustrated in bed:

Dear Princess

Thanks for the chat we had in freeview. The thing is my girlfriend is really boring in bed. I’d love her to touch herself or be a bit more experimental but it just aint happening! What do I do?

Mr Dinkle

Dear Mr Dinkle

Is your wife boring or merely just a little shy? It may just be that she needs a little encouragement to coax her out of from under the duvet.

Women tend to suffer more body hang-ups than guys so assure her that you find her beautiful – or if this is truly difficult in your circumstances then find a part of her you love and pay attention to it, caressing it and telling her how much it turns you on. Massage her ego as well as her body.

I would suggest planning an evening together alone. Book a babysitter if you have kids and get some champagne in as that always tends to loosen a girl’s knickers among other things! Surprise her with some saucy underwear and perhaps some vibrators. Of course barging in and waving a 12 incher purple tickler whilst she’s peeling spuds and yelling “wahay get this up ya!” is probably not the best way to go about getting her juices flowing!

Start by offering her a sensual massage with oil. Baby oil will do or a LITTLE sunflower oil if you have none to hand. Pay attention to her neck, ,shoulders, legs, breasts and…LASTLY her now hopefully wet pussy! You may also blindfold her to give you a little extra control and help relax her a little. Some shy gals can find it easier if you take charge – but help her relax – you want to come across as a sex god not a horny 15 year old.

At this point you can introduce a vibrator – start slowly as going in like a black & decker isn’t going to win you any brownie points! Ask her how it feels and get her to call a number to describe the intensity – 1 being not enough and 10 being ‘arg your sandpapering my genitals!’

By this point she should be jelly in your hands and by the times she’s quivering and shaking orgasmically you can ask her to return the favour with a treat you’d like! Best start with something feasible that involves her rather than if you can shag the babysitter!

If you fancy a sexy game you could could get 2 jars and and write adjectives such as ‘caress’ ‘lick’ ‘tease’ on bits of paper which you fold and put into jar one and body parts such as ‘ears’ ‘neck’ ‘feet’ ‘balls’ into jar 2. You simply take it in turns to pick 2 then swap over!
Hint: If you want to gain her trust and enthusiasm you might want to make the jars a bit more varied than ‘suck’ and cock’


Love Princess

Kaz B

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