Product Sex Toy Review: Spartacus Lavish Sheepskin Leather Wrist Restraints

My partner and I love to experiment sexually and enjoy switching roles between submissive and dominant. I am also a dominatrix so am always keen to test new delights on my submissives!

When we were asked to test the Spartacus Lavish Sheepskin Leather Wrist Restraints see here:

We were absolutely delighted and honoured to be chosen to review this fabulous piece of kink! Not only was there the enjoyment of a deviant new product to investigate, but also the added bonus of sharing this review with others whom may have with similar kinks and fantasies, and therefore being able to recommend a quality product.

So let me guide you through both our professional, and tantalising taste of reviewing the restraints for

Customer service, packaging and delivery:

Initial contact from the supplier was extremely helpful and friendly. The process of ordering the free tester was explained in a simple and effective manner to make the process quick and easy; I was unsure if the free gift offer was open to testers so decided to add a t-shirt which I thought would make a nice touch to the review, deciding they could always refute the free gift. Correspondence from to confirm that this was absolutely fine was speedy, and the t-shirt which is emblazoned with the fabulous message “Sex Toys: Just Say Yes” and arrived along with the main order which also arrived swiftly the next day! The delivery driver was also very friendly, and the item came superbly and discreetly packed.

My lover kindly allowed me to open the parcel in my excitement! I was impressed to see that the restraints were packed into a sturdy, well shaped clear plastic box along with an attractive and informative card detailing some of the product features and suggestions.

Of course I didn’t read that until much later! I was far too busy pulling them out of the box like a child at Christmas time and stroking the soft leather and sheepskin and admiring the detailing.

Highlights of the product:

*The leather on the outside is strong sturdy and secure, yet the inner lining made of sheepskin ensure a pleasurable experience, more suited for those not into extreme pain play like us.

*I have very tiny wrists and have to admit I cheated the first time I was locked in by realising I could easily slip out of these! When I confessed, the restraints were tightened and there was no escape!

* The straps are designed to adjust to fit most sizes of wrists/ankles so would fit some one with much larger wrists , or in the unlikely event that there is an interested customer with smaller wrists than mine – there is some excess leather to make extra holes for tightening purposes! (5 & ½ “ – 10 inch adjustment). Plus, to add some variety to your play these restraints would also fit most ankle sizes.

*Each Cuff also has its own metal hoop interlocked into the device, which lends the user rights to either use ones imagination when securing your willing victim/plaything (ie: ropes/chains/ties/padlocks and keys) – or alternatively, to purchase the locking buckle variety if you want a simple locking system for quick securing.

* The restraints are designed to fit comfortable and also make a fantastic accessory to add style and kink to any outfit!

*As mentioned above, the variety in the amount of adjustment possible in these restraints make them user friendly and unisex.


We were at a loss to find fault with this service and product. They do exactly what they say on the box, and usage demonstrates that despite the soft feel and aesthetics of the restraints, they are indeed hardy, and should sustain much activity and pleasure!

Enjoy, we certainly did! – lotsa Love Kaz X

Kaz B