Happy New Year peeps!Resolutions?

My NY goals for 2011 – get cast in another horror movie. Book a recording studio & record some tracks. Any goals or resolutions guys?

I’d also love to be in a movie featuring dinosaurs,I’m thinking triceratops,spinosaurus and lesser known dinos such as the Euoplocephalus, pyroraptor and the gigantosaurus! There really aren;t enough bad ass dinosaur movies around!

I’m loving the new series Walking Dead too, but why are filmcast so lame under zombie attack? I’d have light metal plated armour to protect against bites and scratches & an assault rifle, and silencer to mask my vantage point. I’d also had a steel double ender, spiky boots, combat gloves & razor wire. Zombies cower before me!

Have an awesome New Year guys and hope your celebrating goes with a bang!

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