What to do when you lose your hair rollers! Quick fix!

If you want to add some large curls and body to your hair but have misplaced your rollers then this quick and easy tip will help you achieve glamourpuss curls in know time at all! Take a couple of kitchen rolls and cut down to size.
For huge curls copy the image below by winding your hair around the roll and afixing with a couple of hair grips/clips. You can also use the rollers from wrapping paper.
For smaller curls simply cut through the roll horizontally to make 3-6 ‘curlers’. Next cut through the centre of the kitchen roll vertically and wind it into itself to make a smaller roll and fasten from the inside of your homemade curler with sticky tape.

Simply wind your hair round the curler and spray with a curl booster spray or fixer. Apply heat if desired to speed up the process.

When the hair has dried and heat has been applied for around 10 minutes you can start to unwind your fabulous curls and shake out for a look that oozes style!


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