8 Reasons to don a face mask for summer #2020

1. Whilst the jury is still out on how effective they are in protecting the general populace, there is some evidence to suggest that it may protect the wearer from contracting respiratory virus. Whilst we can’t prove this for certain, It certainly can’t do any harm to take extra precautions!!

2. Wearers of the 2020 mask no longer need to concern themselves with a full face full of makeup. Focus on the eyes darling & save yourself a bloody fortune on foundation and lippy!!

3. Did a grotesque pustule or a hairy wart pop up on your chin overnight? You no longer need to terrify small children when venturing out in public. Pop on your mask and cover up a multitude of sins. Also works for ugly people. ?

4. Bumped into someone you don’t like in the street? You can pop your tongue out at them or pull various faces of disapproval using your hidden lower facial muscles, and they need be none the wiser!

5. Surely there has to be some appeal in going into a bank looking like a bandit, even though your a model citizen. It is the only time after all you can ever get away with this!

6. Trying to avoid a Chatty Cathy or a moaning Morris? Team your mask with a hat and a pair of shades and go incognito! It’s as good as having an invisibility cloak!?

7. You can colour co-ordinate your mask with your shoes or bag like a total diva fashionista!

8. If you’re a fella you can give up shaving for the time being. Also works for hairy women.

So there you have it! 8 jolly good reasons to kit out your wardrobe with 2020’s most practical fashion accessory!

8 Reasons to don a face mask for summer #2020

Kaz B

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