A Strongly Worded Letter To God

A Strongly Worded Letter To God







To the big man who resides in the sky

I ask you a question as my heart starts to cry

Why do you let the rainforest die?


These villains who started the forest fires

Are twisted, malevolent, corporate liars

Please lay down your vengeance and make them pay

But first, the animals I beg you to save


Their homes are on fire

The forest a pyre

Please make it rain, again and again

Please piss on their fire with great disdain

And when the animals are finally safe

It’s time to deal with those vicious snakes

Who sent the innocent lives to their graves


May you curdle their blood like cottage cheese

Plague their pubic hair with fleas

Turn their brains to mushy jelly

Give them great horns that protrude from their belly


Infect them with cholera, measles and scabies

Dear Lord that’s too kind, so throw in some rabies

And what about aids that’s given to babies?

Deliver it to the tree burning crazies

That would be fairer wouldn’t you say

To take the babies pain away, 

And give it to those who are disgraced


Stuff their ears with rancid worms

May you fill their bowels with life-threatening germs

Shrivel their insides and dry up their sperms

We can’t have them spawning

This, I discern


May termites feast upon their intestines

Justice for all their hideous war crimes

We’re almost done, but lest not forget

To land them in colossal debt!


My Lord, I don’t think you’re yet quite even

So give them something else to think on

Attack them where it really hurts

Yes Dear God, right in the wallet

Please take away every penny of their profit

For though they have suffered, it won’t make them stop

Unless you cause their profits to drop

For cash is King in these globalist lands

It’s all about flash cars, logos and brands

Our little planet can not withstand

Evil at these monsters hands

In the least, give us knowledge so that justice prevails

Let’s see these devils safely jailed

Otherwise, our world has failed


I hope you don’t find my letter funny

Or next year, I’ll pray to the Easter Bunny!




If you want to save our planet, our beautiful rainforests and all it’s inhabitants then here are some things you can do to help:

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Kaz B

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