Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part – Kaz B 2019

I tried to fix you, you tried to break me
I tried to love you, you tried to hate me
Love shouldn’t have to hurt like this
Falling into an empty abyss
Waiting for loves most poisonous kiss

Love inconsistent, like the British weather
You wanted us to be together, forever
So why did you sabotage my every endeavour?

Till death do us part they often say
Words so bleak, the dullest of grey
With this in mind, I cried a thousand tears
I died a thousand deaths, to shed away those years

Each time I died, a piece of me fell away
Shedding the old, like a snake sheds its skin
Losing my shell and finding within
My true self had never gone astray

A flame shined so bright, I rose and I soared
Away from the fire, your protests ignored
Floating on air, out of your reach
Like a shark, you lingered down in the deep
Unable to reach me with words so cheap

Till Death Do Us Part, a dreary battle cry
I survived the battle, found a different way to die
To escape your clutches, yet still I’m alive
Till Death Do Us Part, a beautiful lie.

Kaz B

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