I’m No Bad Girl

I’m No Bad Girl by Kaz B

(Man) Hey baby girl, come and have some fun, take a puff, you are making my heart hurt

(Woman) No sorry my friend, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt

(Man) Well girl, I bet that was swell

(Woman) No, it really didn’t fit me too well

(Man) Cmon, bet you are looking for a little excitement

(Woman) Not one bit, I’m on the path to enlightenment

(Man) Forget that! Come get high with me and my bros,

(Woman) Sorry dude, you think I’m one of your hoes

(Man) No, I think you’re a girl who wants to have fun

(Woman) There’s nothing your offering I’ve not already done

(Man) See I knew you was a bad girl, come home with me

(Woman) I’d rather be home with a nice cup of tea

(Man) Sorry, I thought you was fun, but you’re just not cool,

You’re breaking my heart and being so cruel,
I just thought that you could be my girl

(Woman) I’m done with all that and stand by my rules,

I’m not hanging out with a bunch of fools,
Why has this started to feel like a dual?
I’m not your hoe, your bitch or your mule,
I’m not gonna be anyone’s girl

(Man) I’m broken-hearted,

You make me gasp,
Slicing with words up to the last,
If you don’t wanna party with me & my cuz,
I’ll just go and find someone who does


Are you still here, I have things to do
Run along now, tickety boo,
I’ve nothing left to say to you
Please leave me, I’m done and that’s the truth

(Man) Babe now you are just making me sick
I must be crazy, having time for you bitch
It must have been like a temporary glitch
It’s not like I was asking you to get hitched!

(Woman) Let’s say goodbye now,

I’m going home

(Man) What ya gonna do?

Call your Mum on the phone?

(Woman) No, I just want to be left alone,

and not be like one of your clones

(Man) Girl, me and you are done,

Go on then and just run right home to your Mom,
Me and the boys will go find some fun

(Woman) Then I wish you goodnight and I wish you God bless
Because I really couldn’t care for anything less
Go and get high with your fun-time boys, drive around all night, making a noise, picking up treats and a couple of toys
I’m going home and you might think I’m mad
But I’d rather be in bed with a book and my cats
For me, there’s so much more fun in that
See ya later, that must be my cab!


I wrote this song taking inspiration from some of the old classics such as ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and Elvis Presley’s, ‘The Lady Loves Me’, to name a few.
The old songs were often about a man trying to persuade a woman to go with him, and push aside her morals. I wanted to write something with a modern twist but was which was also empowering towards women. It’s a message to women which says, that it’s ok to say no to men, drugs or anything else you don’t want to do. It’s ok to be uncool, and just be yourself, quirks and all. If you would rather be in your pyjama’s and watching Game Of Thrones, throwing some shapes to Fortnite or eating pizza with your friends, then it’s good to embrace that and just be who you are.
I can picture the video to this vividly. The male would be a white guy dressed in a baseball cap, some sunglasses and a tracksuit that he thinks makes him look good.
Nearby are some well dressed black guys that he is trying to impress, and he wants to be part of their crew. So he approaches this girl and starts to try and chat her up.
The sentences are short to start with to follow the normal rhythm of language when you converse with a stranger. They mimic each other sentence for sentence, keeping it brief as if calling out in the street.
As she becomes more frustrated she starts to use longer sentences to give him the message. In retaliation, he copies this style and starts to disparage her. He believes that cussing her and saying, “Run home to your Mum,” might be damaging enough to her self esteem to make her change her mind.
He doesn’t realise that he is the joke and he is gesturing to the black guys as ‘my bro’s.’ The black guys are all sniggering behind his back, thinking what an idiot he is.
The guy in the cap realises that he is getting nowhere and feels that he is starting to look like a fool, so he tries to spin it around and say ‘Girl, me and you are done,’ as if he had control of the situation.
The woman then re-states her position, admits that she would rather be boring and closes down the conversation by saying her cab has arrived.
Let me know your thoughts sexy peeps.

Kaz B

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