The Cruel Mistress Lady Fag….

You are his secret Mistress

The one to whom he turns

Whilst your toxic smog pollutes my lungs

Your glowing ember burns 


When you are gone, he goes quite mad

He really cannot cope

The lighter is the gallows

And the cigarette the rope


You don’t deserve to steal his heart

But sadly it is yours

The smoker always justifies

I’m not breaking any laws! 

The Cruel Mistress Lady Fag....

They puff away until they’re broke

And watch their dreams go up in smoke

“I will quit another day”

Then their will power runs away

I conclude, that you’re a fool

To take a mistress that’s so cruel

You chose a vile and sadist hag

That many others call the fag

Go ahead and choose your fag

But don’t complain that I’m the drag

When you suffer from mood swings

Your vitriol really stings

She’s the one who steals your breathe

She’s the one who marks your death

A life tarnished with regret

That started with a cigarette

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Kaz B

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