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Imagine being Taken From Your Mother as a child

Imagine being Taken From Your Mother as a child

Imagine this:

You are a young child with your whole life ahead of you. Your mother looks down at you proudly and you feel safe, protected and warm. You feel her love radiating towards you.

Then your life takes a sudden horrifying twist. You are snatched away from the safety of your mother and are to become trophy prize for a wealthy President. Suddenly everything you once knew and loved is gone. You’ll never see your doting mother again or any others of your kind. Your distance memories of home fade and your reality is a concrete cell. A prison that holds you cruelly within it’s perimeters. There are no trees, no grass, nothing to do and no one to keep you company.

You are a social animal and your breed are highly complex and sentient creatures. You crave company, you long to be free and roam as nature intended. Instead you can only move a few feet at a time in your tiny prison.

Forty long, miserable years pass and you become depressed. You have lost all hope. You feel you will live and die in your very own version of hell. Perhaps you sense that death might be a welcome release. Everyday is the same, there is no external stimulation, other than loud and frightening tourists throwing peanuts at you. There is merely grey rock everywhere you look. Your existence is futile. How did it comes to this?

To exacerbate your suffering, you develop a foot injury and are unable to put much pressure on one leg. You are now in constant pain and your prisoners do not seem to care. In the wild you would have roamed 30 miles a day on sand and grass, but your feet are full of cracks and you are likely to die from your injuries, alone and afraid

When will this suffering end? Will you live and die in vain, having never really lived?

This is exactly what happened to Mali the elephant. She was cruelly taken from her mother as a young cub and shortly after began her long stretch of imprisonment, a pitiful life that was never intended for one of mother natures creatures.

The thing is Mali doesn’t need to suffer like this. NO animal should ever suffer like this? Who are we to decided to take away their lives and make them suffer!

A sanctuary in Thailand would gladly home Mali and fund her visit thanks to PETA, but Filipino officials do not want to lose their popular tourist attractions. How can this be allowed? How can it be acceptable to make an animal suffer for any reason at all  – and especially for profit?

Mali needs your help. She does not have a voice. She can not complain, cry or voice her needs. Mali needs us to be her voice. Only we can save her from dying alone and in pain. Our collective voices can help Mali finally live the wonderful life she deserves, alongside other elephants in the wild.

Please find it in your heart to lend Mali your strength and your voice. All you need to do is visit this link: http://www.freemali.com/ sign the petition and click here http://www.freemali.com/take-action.aspx and send a template to officials urging them to release Mali.

Please also share Mali’s story on social media and help save this beautiful elephant from further years of misery.

Thank you for reading and lets FREE MALI!

Elephants are highly intelligent social animals - this is how they should live,

Elephants are highly intelligent social animals – this is how they should live,

Kaz B

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