Why You Need Mature Model Management – Interview with Christina X

Glamour model and entrepreneur Christina X has recently been making waves in the adult industry with the advent of Mature Model Management, an agency that celebrates diversity and aims to promote models over 30.

A true pioneer of the adult industry, Christina has not only tapped into an industry niche that is often overlooked, but she personally mentors women in the adult industry and is well respected and loved by many.

Hailing from a career in marketing and later teaching, you might wonder how this attractive brunette who lead what may be considered a normal life, transformed into a glamorous starlet. Read on to find out what lead Christina onto a career in adult entertainment and find out more about Mature Model Management. If you are a model over 30 or looking to become a model you need MMM in your life! Christina’s experience and wisdom will help you make the best decisions for your career and avoid the pitfalls!

 Hi Christine, I absolutely love the site! How did mature model management come about?

Christina XThank you for the compliments Kaz! Having been a mature model myself for over 12 years, I realised that there was no specific agency or website in the UK dedicated to helping adult, glamour and fetish models over the age 30. I did my research and saw a huge gap in the market. They say the best business ideas come from developing something that you initially want to use yourself and I was fed up of trying to find work on the big general model portfolio sites and forums. A few mature model friends of mine had asked me to help them out with shooting content for them and getting them work with contacts I knew and I have also given free advice to new models in the past, so it seemed like a natural progression to create a site that would benefit me and some of the other models I know.The original concept had been in my mind for quite a few years before it became a reality.

I built a small test website just to see what reaction and support I would get from friends in the Industry and that response was very promising. In October 2016 I discovered a fantastic company called Horny Designs who produced a agency website template that suited my needs perfectly. In just a few days I created the new site and it’s growing everyday as more models and photographers hear about us and sign up. We’ve now been online for 5 months and we have over 50 male, female and Transgender models on our books. We have some top UK Adult producers and glamour photographers who we provide models for, as well as many semi-pro’s and amateur hobbyist photographers want to hire our studio and shoot our models there.

Fabulous. I think it’s so important to have diversity. Would you say there is a big market for mature models?

Lacey Starr

Lacey Starr ‘Best Gilf’ Performer at 2015 UKAP Awards represented by MMM

Yes absolutely! Having started my career aged 38 in 2004 I have seen industry and public attitudes towards older models change for the better over the last 13 years. Mature adult websites like Older Woman Fun are very popular and there are many fans of all ages who love a sexy MILF or GILF! The fantasy of “the seductive, confident older woman” is not a new thing – it has been around for decades.

The character of Mrs Robinson in the film “The Graduate” was a 1960’s sex symbol way before Stiffler’s Mum appeared in the movie “American Pie”! There are many more examples in popular culture which have helped define the older woman as a healthy object of sexual desire. Top glamour models like Gilly Sampson who remained in the industry way beyond their twenties and thirties have paved the way for us all, and made it totally acceptable to sustain a long and successful career as a model into your forties and fifties. On a practical level, many photographers and adult producers actually prefer to work with older models as they tend to be more organised, reliable & versatile and their general life / sexual experience adds a little something extra to any shoot.

I couldn’t agree more. I think adult is one of the few areas of entertainment in which age is not an obstacle.

In what ways can Mature Model Management help models who are looking for work? I understand you do a lot more in terms of helping them build their brands rather than only finding them work?

Bree BranningYes we do offer our models paid work with the trusted industry clients we work with. However, we also arrange content share shoots between any of our models who want to work with one another. We not only shoot that content for them in our own studio, using experienced female photographers and film makers such as myself, but we also edit it, and produce it for them, and help them to market it online to their fans whilst giving them free social media promotion too.

We give sound practical advice to new models just starting out and in the future we plan to offer training courses on how to produce content and run your own adult website or business. We can also introduce a lot of tried and tested successful ideas to models and show them new profitable ways of capitalising on their “branding” through building a loyal fan base. If every models takes our advice, they will earn more money. I have managed my own successful career for over 10 years – now I am hope to help others do the same.

These days models cannot rely on paid/published work alone to pay the bills or mortgage – if you are going to build a successful full-time career for yourself in a very over-saturated market – then you have to see yourself as a “commodity” “product” & “brand”, You need to market yourself accordingly and interact online with your fans – they are the ones who will spend money on your content and cam shows – if they don’t do this they won’t make a decent living!

Models need to embrace and become familiar with all the modern digital technology and software that is now available to them in order to drive regular traffic to their websites, clip sites or cam platforms. Many older models still struggle with all of this. Many are unable to shoot, edit and upload content or offer webcam shows or phone chat, because they don’t know how to do it and which websites to join up to or how social media works – so this is where we either teach them how to do it for themselves, or do it for them for a reasonable monthly fee.

At our private Studio we offer our models a nice place to stay in Essex within easy reach of London. Our studio offers modern stylish B&B accommodation facilities as well as being a fantastic place to shoot in. I even do the cooking for our visitors and make sure there is wine in the fridge! It’s a cheaper option than staying in a hotel for 3 days and they are treated as a valued guest with their own en-suite bathroom and access to our special webcam studio room if they wish to use it! Models can shoot here with photographers in perfect safety ( I am always in the office) and it’s much better than modelling or webcamming from a lonely, boring, impersonal hotel room.

Wow that sounds amazing! I might just pop over for a glass of wine now 😉

News on the grapevine tells me that you are considering sponsoring one of the UKAP Awards this year such as Best Milf or Best Gilf? It’s great to see these categories being supported. Why is it important to you.

 UK Adult ProducersI think it is fantastic that UKAP has fully embraced the MILF / GILF niche and actively recognises the valued work of top adult performers like Auntie Trisha, Lacey Starr, Pandora and Tony James – who are all on our website by the way. It proves that the industry has accepted what we do as popular, valuable AND profitable. Diversity is good for the UK Adult industry as a whole.

Sponsoring one of the Awards is important to me personally as I feel very strongly about the fact that for some women – a career as a glamour and Adult model can be very empowering, as it was for me. The mainstream media would probably beg to differ with me on that point, but I feel it is important to support both the industry and the mature performers within it, many of whom are my personal friends and colleagues. By sponsoring an award we can show our full appreciation & acknowledgement of their work and commitment – as well as gaining valuable publicity and exposure for our website / agency into the bargain of course!

Brains and beauty! It’s a wonderful dynamic and it’s so refreshing and inspiring to see a strong, empowered female using their influence to help others achieve their dreams.

You’ve been a glamour model for quite some time. Do you think that this has helped you in understanding the niche? What are some pitfalls females should be aware of?

Yes, the whole idea for MMM came about because I wish there had been something like that when I started out. I want to act as a “mentor & facilitator” for new mature models, just like ex-model turned female glamour photographer Leigh Gallagher from White Tower studio did for me at the beginning of my career. She put me in touch with some great photographers and got me good shoots, She gave me sound and useful advice when I needed it most! Now I want to do that for others models because I believe I have enough professional experience behind me to make a difference in the industry and help people. I also know exactly what my clients are looking for in a model because I know the sort of work they produce.

Wet Lilly MMM Model

Unfortunately there are some unsavoury people in the adult industry who will try to exploit you in all sorts of ways, or who are less than professional in their attitude towards models, but this happens in any industry.

I believe all models have a right to be 100% safe at work and to be respected for what they choose to do. We vet all our photography clients carefully, and value model safety as a top priority. I never send models to any photographers or adult producers I have not worked with myself. I know many of our clients personally or professionally. If I haven’t heard of a photographer or models who joins up, then you can bet your bottom dollar that a model or photographer friend whose opinion I value can give me some feedback on that person! This is the pay off for being in this industry for such a long time and being respected for my own professionalism!

If you are just starting to model, then sometimes it is very difficult to know who are the good people to work for are and who may be the dodgy ones to avoid contacting. If you only work to certain levels then sometimes photographers may try and persuade you to go higher levels than you feel comfortable with. I would urge all models starting out to think very carefully about what they will and won’t do on a shoot and to discuss this fully with each person they work with so there are no misunderstandings!

Also if you decide you want to shoot to XXX Adult Levels and your work is published online, then you cannot ask websites to remove any content if you suddenly change your mind about modelling to that level for whatever reason. Once it’s out there, it’s out there for good! This sort of modelling work isn’t for everyone but if you want to dip your toes in the water, we give aspiring mature models of all genders and genres, the opportunity to do that safely and with the best guidance possible.

Sound advice, What sort of females can sign up to mature model management? Any tips for models or newbies that might want to apply?

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 19.33.43We accept any female model over the age 30 – and our eldest model is 68. We have models of all sizes and shapes and they come from all over the UK.

We also accept applications from European & International models who want to work in the UK adult industry and are willing to travel for work. We accept applications from male models and transgender models too. We are happy to support beginners and veterans alike!

We have no other sign-up criteria apart from the fact that we do not accept models in their late teens or twenties, there are plenty of websites and agencies catering for that age group! We like to be as inclusive and as open as we possibly can and we want to do away with the elitist attitude that many other model agencies have. We have a lot of BBW models signing up as many tell me that there is no dedicated agency or website they can join in the UK!

Bree Branning

For new models it is REALLY important to have some good quality pictures to send us to put on your profile. Our photographer clients browse the site on a regular basis and ask us to send pictures of possible models they want to shoot with. Selfies are great for fans social media but they do not impress a photography client. If Models want some high quality professional Promo photo’s and casting shots done at our studio we do a beginners package for £60 which will give them a nice range of glamour, fetish and adult images ( plus a short promo video). We use these on our website but they can also sell the content or add it to their portfolio.

These shoots give us a great opportunity to meet the models personally and for them to see that we are genuine and professional people . I would also mention to any new ladies that if you are thinking about getting a tattoo done then DON’T! Many well known adult and glamour websites featuring mature models will not approve shoots with any ladies who are heavily inked, unless they specialise in that kind of alternative look! I tell all models with tattoos that they have less chance of getting paid work with top clients as it is a fact!

You must have a great deal of experience having been a successful porn star for many years. Before this you were a teacher.  I’m guessing a teacher will always be compelled to educate and help others, but how did that transition happen?

Yes I was a Teacher of English and Drama for a few years before I got into modelling. I suppose you could say that porn is just “acting with no clothes on” so there is a tenuous link there somewhere! The transition happened after I escaped from a very suffocating and unhappy marriage. and recovered from serious head injuries that left me in a coma for 16 hours. It was a life-changing experience for me and modelling helped me recover physically and mentally from the short and long term effects of being in an abusive relationship for 13 years.

I had not had sex with my husband for about 6 years and had thrown myself into my studying and teaching work and family life when I was married. As a newly single 38 year old woman, who had always been bisexual, I wanted to go on a journey of sexual & personal discovery and gain some much needed self confidence after putting on a lot of weight and having 3 children. While I was off work recovering from my injuries I dated a much younger photographer who took some sexy pictures of me in his studio. I put them up online and began modelling for amateur photographers and got such a thrill from doing shoots and sometimes getting paid to take my clothes off that I never went back to my teaching job.

Christina X

I really enjoyed the creative experience of being a model and when I was approached to do some adult shoots. I decided to give it a go & did quite a few scenes with the guy I was dating at the time. The rest is history and I have never regretted my career change! In a way I am now putting my teaching experience to good use as I am imparting my expert knowledge of the industry to other models!

It seems you had lead an eventful life, there is definitely a good book in there somewhere! What are your 5 year goals?

This year’s immediate goal is to build up the agency, get more models and clients to join up and get as much free publicity as we can. We will be offering a lot of new and exciting things at our studio too. In a few months time we will have a private yacht moored on the Marina by our studio. This will be an exciting shoot location and we hope to take groups of models and photographers out for a day of discreet shooting on the beautiful Essex waterways!

Our aim over the next 5 years is to create our brand and make MMM a model agency and website that is trusted and respected by all in the Industry. If we are to provide mature models with a solid platform and a recognised support network that will help their careers flourish, we really need to get the word out there. We plan to do this by networking with adult bloggers like yourself and getting involved with media companies like Sexposed TV who want to feature us in a documentary. Getting as much free publicity within the adult industry to promote what we are doing, through every medium is essential.

We want to be featured on adult podcasts, speak to adult radio shows and network in anyway we can – so if anyone can offer us that opportunity please get in touch! I would love to create a viable business and have a great team of people working with me. I manage the website all on my own at the moment, the opportunity to get other people I know on board and be able to employ them and pay them would be amazing!

I aim to be one of the top female photographers and independent adult content producers in the UK and I want empower other women to take control of their own careers! In 5 years time I would love to be collecting a lifetime achievement award from UKAP for my services to the adult industry! That would make every single minute of my career worthwhile and mean I have achieved my goal of giving something back to an industry that has ALWAYS supported me and made me feel welcome!

Those are some wonderful goals, thanks for reaching out and I urge my readers to get in touch if they can help Christina with publicity for this in any way.

So Christina, Where do you see the adult industry going in the next ten years?

Christina XI think there will be a lot more models “self-producing” and selling their own content and less reliance on getting paid work from big companies and websites. I see webcamming as a real growth industry too, you can do it from home and it is safer than escorting and more interactive than doing a photo-shoot. As new digital technology becomes smarter and brand new websites appear that allow models to control even more aspects of their own careers and make a living online independently.

Some people will argue that independent porn producers are stealing the money away from the big websites, but there is room for everyone whether you are shooting high end glossy playboy style porn or homemade adult movies – fans will pay for BOTH. Models who fail to embrace all the changes that are happening and don’t get with the programme will get left behind.

The industry has already changed DRASTICALLY since the days of buying dirty mags from the newsagents top shelf or getting your adult videos sent to you through the post from an advert in the back of the Sunday papers! We are here to help older models join the digital revolution and give them more independence and freedom to choose how and when they earn their money.

Can you tell me a bit more about your project My Dirty Little Diary? 

We now have a dedicated blog page called #MyDirtyLittleDiary on MMM which I began posting to this week. I will be adding more over the next few weeks and we also welcome posts by guest bloggers that are relevant to us. I also blog on AW and on my own members website about my life as a Escort / Model / Mistress.

Here’s your chance to plug your sites – let us know where to find you on twitter etc!

Christina XOur main website is www.maturemodelmanagement.com and you can find all our social media links on there too! We are very interactive and post loads of stuff out for fans of mature models too – so anyone who has an interest in the mature niche should visit the site, follow us on social media, and become part of our community.

Eventually we want to bring all the top mature models together in one place. We want all the photographers and producers who shoot mature models to be connected with our website and we want fans to visit so they can buy all their favourite models content, webcam with them and get links to their members sites and more. If people want to check out my personal credentials and modelling work then they can find me on www.christinax.co.uk  www.curvychristina.com and www.twitter.com/curvychristina

Thank you Kaz for giving us space on your blog – I hope to return the favour by interviewing you for our new blog #MyDirtyLittleDiary very soon!

You are welcome and it would be my absolute pleasure! Thank you so much for your time, it’s been absolutely fascinating.

So there you have it guys – everything you need to know if you are over 30 and want to become a model. Or if you are looking for mature content head on over to Christina’s websites mentioned above and enjoy!


Kaz B

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