Kaz In Marc Almonds Music Video

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in Marc Almonds latest video for the track ‘A Kind Of Love’.

The track was for his new album ‘Hits And Pieces – The Best Of Marc Almond And Soft Cell’

When I was a kid ‘Tainted Love’ (Soft Cell) was one of my favourite tracks. If someone had told me all those years ago when I was about 3 foot high (admittedly not much smaller than I am now)  that one day I would be in a Marc Almond music video I would say “Liar, liar pants on fire!” So it was very exciting to find out I would be taking part in this!

Kaz In Wardrobe for 'A Kind Of Love'.On the big day I spent a long time having my fringe coloured brown and pieces of dark hair woven in to create a very 1960’s look to fit the theme which was based on of Russ Meyer’s Valley Of The Dolls.  The hair and make up artists were beyond talented and knew exactly how to create the perfect look for the theme. 60’s style lashes were glued on and they put me in this cute mint green dress which was very reminiscent of that era.

Of course I can’t tell you the full story yet of what happens in the video as only only the trailer has been released and that would be giving too much away 😛 So you’ll just have to wait until the full version is released on Valentines Day 14th February 😉

I can reveal that I met Marc Almond himself who was absolutely lovely. I also couldn’t believe how young Marc looked, he has obviously aged really well. To be honest the whole crew and cast were great and made me feel at ease. There were some moments where I had very little on but the crew were very sweet to cover me with dressing gowns in between and keep me warm. The black guy who was in my scenes with me was great to work with too and a real funny guy. I’m so glad I wore big platform shoes as he was pretty tall so I would have had to stand on tip toe otherwise.

The gorgeous Eileen Daly who I have worked with on other films was also on set and she danced with Marc – paying homage to the first time they worked together. It’s always a real treat to work with Eileen as well, she’s very sweet and easy to get on with but hilariously funny. She can have an entire crowd under her spell and entertained with one of her humorous stories.

I probably spent about 10 hours at the shoot and not for one moment did it feel like work –  the day just swept by!

It was a real honour to be included in this and I can’t wait to see the full version and hear Marc’s new album.

In the meantime check out the trailer and see if you can recognise me with brown hair!

The tune is very catchy – I bet you won’t be able to stop humming it once you’ve had a listen!  Don’t forget to look out for the full release on 14th February and look out for the album – Have a great Valentines!



Kaz B

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