Feminist Or Bully?

When does feminism become radical? Radical feminism challenges normal social conventions and traditions which can achieve significant results in the actualisation of women’s rights, but generally tends to veer towards more aggressive and hostile practises.  For example Emmeline Pankhurst who lead the Suffragettes in 1903 used various unconventional methods to raise awareness of the cause and even used violence and committed arson. Whilst she may have felt as if she was somewhat forced to use extreme practises, nowadays we have social platforms with which to make our voices heard.

Unfortunately there are many feminists who lose sight of their goals and objectives along the way and use violence, aggression and hostility over political means. They do not use their voice or power on social media to invoke positive change but instead choose to blindly crusade against anyone whom they oppose, regardless of the consequences.

As someone sitting on the edges of the industry, I have observed a growing trend of so called feminists that fall under this category. These feminists claim to empower women but do everything within their power to demean, belittle and degrade women that choose to work in the adult industry. Embittered rad-fems flock to Social Media to unleash their over inflated and grandiose opinions and verbally abuse women for allowing themselves to be objectified.

Feminism was never about vilifying other women for how they choose to express their sexuality. Feminism was intended to ensure that women had equal rights. Yet many feminists on social media view other women as the enemy and attack the very women that often may need the most support.

On the flip side there are many ambassadors for women’s rights in the adult industry, so to say that if you work in adult you can not be a feminist is illogical and a flawed argument. What is beyond me is how a woman can be so detrimental to another female and claim that she is a feminist. Feminism isn’t about bullying others who have different opinions to you, it’s not about alienating those who choose to sell their bodies in some way and it’s not about causing a divide between different types of women.

Below I include an example of a so called feminist cyber-bullying a female model for her career choices. Her statement “Burning you clowns makes good copy…and it’s so fucking easy.” Would indicate that this individual derives pleasure from being critical and judging others and has no real clue as to what feminism is. The self proclaimed Feminist is simply slipping on a mask and hiding behind it whilst she bullies others.  This facade of fake feminism and misguided views allows her moralise and believe that she is justified in disparaging and condemning other women. Low self esteem has probably triggered this malicious and malignant behaviour. In perceiving adult or sex workers to be below her boosts her fragile self esteem.  The kind of individual that uses hostile tactics is irrevocably damaged and relies on hate filled propaganda  and targeting workers she perceives as vulnerable  to fill an emptiness inside. This woman who could probably use some solid female allies has done a good job of alienating the true feminists and ambassadors of feminism and has most likely sentenced herself (throughout the years) to a life of bitter loneliness and resentment.

So Called Feminist Attacks An Adult Industry Model

Feminist Or Bully?




I wasn’t convinced that AC was any kind of feminist. When I asked her about her goals and objectives with regards to feminism she ignored my query and instead bombarded some of the other girls with abuse.

Feminism is about ensuring women have as many rights as men. Feminists should look out for one another. In a male dominated society it can be hard enough for women to be taken seriously, to be given important jobs or to receive the same salary as men. So logic would dictate that instead of putting up more walls and attacking each other, we should support one another and unite in the fight for women’s rights.

Regardless of sexuality, career or personal choice we should stand united.

Feminist Or Bully?

The rules should be simple – be good to one another and before you judge or criticise ask yourself what you aim to achieve and your reasons for doing so. Then stop and imagine that you are talking to your sister, your niece or your childhood friend instead of a stranger – would your methods be different? If that’s a yes, change the way you converse even if you are not yet ready to change your outlook.

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Women's Rights

Kaz B


  1. Youve successfully profiled all the radical feminists Ive argued with on social media. Ironically Ive never found them, they found me via various tag ins. I set up The Naked Truth to engage and inform those who I found had no real idea whast the bsuiness was about from all the misinformation Ive heard over the years and all Ive been met with is having labels of things Im not guilty of projected on me because I dared to challenge their negative misinformed opinions that girls in the adult business are not the victims they are made out to be. Thats not an excuse to stop. If anything you can only push forward as it reveals they are the ones with the problem. Not the girls in the business. Ultimately radical feminists exist to police and bully other women because they are miserable individuals who feel oppressed when its of their own making but they are so lost in their fiery rhetoric they cannot see it. Its quite sad really

    • It’s funny isn’t it how something that starts off as a movement to achieve good becomes an excuse to target and abuse people. I too have seen a lot of these rad fems on Twitter. They tell industry girls that they “need saving” then when they don’t get the response they want they resort to abuse. Other times there is not even an antagonist, they simply open fire on someone they don’t approve of.

      The woman’s words have now been screenshot, so hopefully she will cease in this illegal activity of cyber bullying performers and models.

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