XHamster Reveals What Gets People Off At Halloween

XHamster Halloween Porn DataIt’s that time of year when sexual yearnings lean towards the macabre. The sky is ink black and there’s an icy tinge to the air but sexy gouls and terrifying mythical creatures are warming the loins of those in search for something a little spooky to keep them feeling hot at Halloween.

At least the latest report from XHamster would suggest so. They have revealed some of the most popular porn searches leading up to Halloween. Perhaps unsurprisingly the word ‘Vampire’ is one of the most searched words around Halloween time in Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, The United States and even India! The vampire has to be one of the most powerful and desirable immortal entities and with the popularity of shows like True Blood it’s no wonder those saucy, blood sucking demons are popular with so many!

Apparently Japanese and Brazillian porn searchers tend to search using words like ‘Dead’ – erm here’s hoping it’s as in ‘Day Of The Dead!’

In India ‘Horror’ is the most searched word and coming up tops for the USA is ‘Halloween‘.  The Americans celebrate Halloween on a much bigger scale than we do….and apparently between the sheets as well. I bet they will be bobbing for more than apples this Halloween!

Halloween also comes up pretty high on porn searches in Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Mexico! It seems that regardless of how much our culture celebrates Halloween, we all want to get into the spirit of things! The Japanese, Indians and Brazilians are not so keen on Halloween however.

Zombies didn’t seem to raise much interest. The search term Harley Quinn however came in high at 146%  across the globe. We can presume that she definitely raised a lot more than people’s spirits!

Now, this is the astonishing part. X Hamster shockingly reveals that more users are searching for ‘clown porn’ and the keyword has risen by a staggering 50%! The most porn seekers looking for clown porn are in fact in the UK! There’s no doubt that clown porn has grown in popularity due to all the sinister clowns appearing in the media as of late. Who knew that Britain was so kinky!

So where do you appear on this chart? Do you have a secret desire for devilish clowns? Do Vampires or witches get your pulse rating or do Zombies leave you cold? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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