The Bully’s Mirror. Part 1: Short story

I enjoy writing stories and fairytales. I take inspiration from people who I come into contact with and often I will build a character upon meeting or speaking with a person.

This is part 1 of a story about a selfish bully who is cursed. I hope you enjoy it. It’s called ‘The Bully’s Mirror.’

Beautiful Mirror

Cedrick was a bully.  Everything had to be his way and everything had to be about him. God forbid anyone should disagree with him or even give him some guidance. If you dared advise Cedrick his face would screw up in a ball of bitterness and he would form an expression which resembled a bulldog chewing a wasp. Cedrick could not be told anything. He knew everything and if anyone suggested otherwise that bulldog face would appear and his would shout and scream and stamp his feet. He would ball up his fists and flail his arms and go red  in the face and shout and scream until he was blue and the veins popped in his temples.

The bitter young man wasn’t kind to anyone. Oh he could put on a good act that was for sure. He could fake being charming and lavish false flattery upon those he wished to manipulate. He was only ever nice when he needed something from you. The problem was, nothing was ever good enough for him. He was so empty inside that he could never be truly happy and that built a resentment inside. How he loathed those who were gentle and happy. How he wanted to crush and destroy them and use his acidic tongue to hurt them. Hurt them the way he felt inside. How dare they be happy when he was so broken and damaged.

Once Cedrick no longer had any use for you, his mask would fall away and that grotesque and ugly personality would come to the fore. He yearned to be the centre of attention at all times and god forbid should you ignore him. He would become aggressive and try to intimidate those closest to him. He would scream and rant and shout. He would smash objects and break the whole house up.  Once he even smashed up his mother’s beautiful old oak table and when she cried he laughed and told her that it was her fault for not paying him enough attention and that she didn’t deserve nice things.

The Bully's Mirror. Part 1: Short story

He thought he was invincible. He did not care for the feelings of others and thought only of what would benefit him.  One day he was walking by the lake. He was in a foul mood and was kicking at rocks, swearing and cursing. He was angry because he was waiting for a phone call and could not believe that someone had the audacity to make him wait. Make HIM wait. Did they not know who he was?

“It’s because I’m so good looking and charismatic” he cried in self pity. “Everyone is jealous of me. They should worship me. Those miserable losers do not realise who they are ignoring. I deserve all their attention. They OWE me because I am CEDRICK the great!”


Evil Man

He was in such a temper that he did not notice the raven sitting in the tree behind him which transformed into a slender young woman. The woman followed him, observing his outbursts. She grew sad because she could see that this man’s wickedness was a projection of his insecurity. She decided to bestow upon him a gift. “Look and ye shall see who you truly are.” she muttered and blew dust from her hands into the air which twinkled and shone. Golden particles of dust blew upon the wind and the air shone as if peppered with the most beautiful and brightest light. The light swirled around Cedrick and was then gone.

“I am so handsome and clever and better than everyone else. Is everybody blind? Why can’t they see?” Cedrick roared beating his chest.

He then peered down into the lake to admire his reflection. A look of concern crossed his face. As he looked into the water he could see his face reflected back at him, but the mask had slipped and now he could see his true self. It was quite horrific. He saw the narrow cruel eyes and the sinister glare, the screwed up face and the twisted lips sneering and curled into a look of disgust. He did a double take and looked once more. It was not just his face that was truly terrifying but the rush of memories and feelings that rushed back at him magnified tenfold. All those cruel and bitter words, malicious acts and self absorbed selfish behaviour reflected back at him. The swirling emotions and thoughts merged to become a big grey cloud which enveloped his entire being. Now he could see what a monster he was and he screamed like the devil himself and clawed at his face in desperation. His heart hang heavy and his insides felt emptier than they had ever done. He loathed his entire being and those around him even more for making him feel this way.

You see it was Cedrick who couldn’t see. He couldn’t accept how truly monstrous his behaviour was and the Enchantress had given him the gift of sight.


Beautiful Sorceress

As he fell to the floor and beat his hands on the earth in fury, the Enchantress whispered in his ear. “I can always see you wherever you are, whatever you are doing. I will be watching and waiting. If one single tear of true remorse is spilled from your eye then you will be cured.”

The Enchantress then transformed into a swirling cloud of dazzling light and in just a second was gone.

Cedrick the bully was cursed unless he could feel true remorse. How would his future pan out?


Kaz B

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