Short Girl Problems

Every short girl experiences these problems in daily life. At 4’10 I am probably shorter than most of my friends….(probably? Who am I kidding!) so, basic things that you take for granted are a bit more of a struggle!

Here are a few things that bug me.

*Every pair of trousers you try on will swamp you and you’ll look like you are posing for a “Weight Watcher Of The Year” in giant trousers.

*Seeing over the bar is impossible unless you wear six inch stilletoes. Often you need to lean on the bar to reach which will be wet with spilt drinks leaving you with soggy hands.

*You have to become an absolute ninja at climbing worktops and shelves to reach what you need.  In shops jumping up and down with your arms flailing is often neccesary to get a little help!

*Visits to the cinema and concerts are great – if you enjoy staring at the back of someone’s head all night!

*It’s easy for your friends to lose you in a busy place – “Oh you were behind the shoe rack – we couldn’t see you!”

*Hugging tall people can result in the feeling of whiplash as they crush you into them, or your face being stuffed into their armpit. Do I really need to explain why this is not one of life’s pleasures?

Short Girl Problems

*EVERYONE you meet states the obvious “Oh my god you are so small.” As if somehow this observation had slipped you by.

*Sometimes people get the urge to pick you up and swing you around. I am short – not a 4 year old in need of an adrenaline high!

*Sometimes people say things like “I want to put you in my pocket and take you home” Ok if you are making me tea then great but I think I’d rather walk there myself on my little but quite efficient legs.

*Mirrors only ever seem to reflect the tops of our heads

meme about being short

*Sitting on bar stools take a few awkward moments of clambering whilst you try to lift yourself up, hang onto your handbag and hold you skirt down modestly…then your legs just dangle, leaving you looking like an impatient 4 year old!





But for every cloud there is a silver lining and there are also a few perks to being pint sized!

*Airline Flights – sit back smugly and stretch your legs out whilst everyone else moans about feeling cramped.

*You can’t fit through gaps no one else can. Sometimes this has practical uses and sometimes it just feels good because you can!

*Hiding from people you don’t want to talk to is not a problem.

*You can buy clothes from the children’s department – and get away with wearing them. Unicorn t shirts and my little pony socks – happy days! (I’m now beginning to see why pick want to swing me around…)

My Little Pony Unicorn








*Small cubicles? No problemo!

*Dropped something through a railing? Your spindly wrist reaches through just fine.

*You can get on all the kids rides at theme parks (albeit only the kid rides at some parks -but still wahay)

*You can go down the street on skates going “weeeeeee!” and nobody stares at you as if you are a nutter.


Short Girl Problems









So maybe being on the smaller side is no so bad after all…although I’m going to be wearing heels until I am 75!





Kaz B

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