On The Set Of Sara Jay TV

Yesterday I set out with a bounce in my step to film some YouTube videos with Sara Jay Tv and the makers of JumpStart TV.

When I arrived I was greeted by the producer and a very bouncy and cheerful Daisy Rock who it was wonderful to see after all these years.

As I entered the studio set Sara was in role and looking very business like and sexy in her satin blouse and pencil skirt. As soon as I came down the stairs she gave me a massive hug and the whole crew were very welcoming.

I met some really cool creative people. Aside from Sara Jay and Daisy Rock who are old school legends, there was an up and coming comedian called Travis Jay, JumpStartTv owner Teef, both of whom were hilariously funny and also the producer Arra who is one of the most focused and precise directors I have met. They were such a friendly professional bunch and despite a lot of wise cracks and laughing we managed to get a lot of stuff filmed.

Now I bet you would like to know what we filmed wouldn’t you? You want spoilers don’t you? Hee hee well you will just have to wait until it is published on You Tube as it’s all top secret! I can tell you though that the content is very amusing and I think you will enjoy it a great deal!

The guys from JumpStartTV have asked me to shoot again which I am very excited about, so I am looking forward to my You Tube appearances and also watching the rest of the guys on the Tube site.

These are three sites you need to subscribe too right now!




You can also check out my channel although content is thin at present as my old channel was banned from Youtube for being a bit too risque! Still it has a couple of clips from horror/gore movies I’ve appeared in and a interview at The London Motor Show I did for www.mensstuffapproved.com


Have a great day guys!

Kaz B


Check Out Some Shots Behind The Scenes
img_1106img_1097screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-14-36-20screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-14-35-52Kaz B. Daisy Rock, Teef, Sara jay


Kaz B

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