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Hi Guys and Girls,

I’m very excited to share some news with you about a new social media and webcamming platform called Adult Genie

At Adult Genie you can sign up and list yourself as a Webcam performer and Content Provider and make extra cash for your content. Some webcam sites can be known to pay out low commission, but Genie is offer 70%!  If you already use a cam site then you can use a webcam splitter and cam on Genie as well as other sites to double or even triple your cam earnings!

All you need to start camming with Genie is a webcam, laptop or computer and an internet connection. It’s quick and easy to set up and register on the site and you can set your own rates of pay per minutes.

Here is to increasing your cam earnings and making lots of C$$SH!

New cam Site

Kaz B

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