National Ice Cream Day

Today is national ice cream day – a great day for big brands and corporations to cash in with a day they have made up. Nothing new there!

I have a really easy DIY ice cream recipe for you that will save you money and calories too. This is a no faff recipe, easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time. It’s all natural, non dairy and relatively free of fat so it won’t head straight to your stomach and hang there like a spare tyre.

You will need:

4 ripe bananas

3 Teaspoons of Cocoa powder

(If you want to add some protein to your ice cream then you can always add protein powder too for extra goodness).


Peel and slice the bananas and then freeze for 2 hours.

When the bananas are frozen pop into a blend with your cocoa powder and keep blending until it’s all creamy and smooth.

Scoop the mix into a container with a lid and freeze for an extra half hour.

Your ice cream is ready to be served. In a bowl, glass tumbler or off the body of your partner!

You can adapt this recipe and instead of cocoa powder you could add peanut butter or honey. I found that a handful of cashews and almonds in the blender with the mix tastes amazing! You could even sprinkle with cinnamon which stops your blood sugar levels from spiking.

Serve on it’s own or over mixed fruits – it’s delicious, it’s tasty, it’s just what you need to cool down in this heat and you don’t have to fret about putting on weight!


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